Boat Canvas, Canvas Dodgers & Enclosures

Mac's Boat & Yacht Canvas Shop manufactures custom canvas boat covers, custom canvas boat tops, custom canvas boat enclosures, Makrolon® enclosures and custom boat dodgers. We also clean and repair canvas for boats & yachts.

Custom Marine Canvas & Boat Canvas Replacement

boat canvas enclosure
Custom Canvas Boat Enclosure
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Canvas Side Curtains

boat canvas enclosure
headliner removed

Mac's Boat and Yacht Canvas Shop is better than other canvas upholstery shops in Seattle. Our custom manufacturing facility, four blocks south of Mac's Upholstery near the Ship Canal (click for map), is a canvas shop where quality always trumps quantity.

We don't hire unskilled labor and we don't staff production lines. The manager of our boat canvas shop is a skilled craftsman who demands perfection one project at a time. If we can't do a project the "correct way" we'll politely suggest another canvas shop.

Yacht Upholstery & Yacht Interior Design

deanQuality workmanship is paramount because yacht owners don't cut corners on yacht upholstery and enclosures. Our commitment to quality is why customers keep coming back. It's also why they recommend us when friends or family ask for the best canvas upholstery shop in Seattle. We deliver on our promise of superior craftsmanship at a fair price.


In addition to custom-fabricating the finest yacht upholstery, canvas boat tops, boat enclosures and canvas dodgers, Mac's Boat and Yacht Canvas Shop can help with yacht interior design. Why risk the aggravation and embarrassment of substandard canvas upholstery when Mac's Boat and Yacht Canvas Shop is a phone call away?

Repair Boat Canvas Seattle

If you need canvas for boats cleaned or repaired, call Mac's Upholstery. We offer a canvas upholstery cleaning service and free on-site estimates. If you need a boat canvas top, dodger, enclosure or canvas upholstery sewn or repaired call Mac's Boat and Yacht Canvas Shop. We replace or repair canvas material, snaps, zippers, grommets, etc.

canvas shop
canvas shop

Boat Canvas Enclosures, Boat Covers & Canvas Tops

Because we're close to the waterfront, you can count on Mac's for quick changes, custom fittings and speedy installation. Give us a call or stop by our showroom if you're looking for; Boat Canvas Material, Cushions, Seat Covers, Bimini Tops, Repairs, Helm Seats, Bow Cushions, Mattresses, Cockpit Covers, Mooring Covers, Foam Replacement, Carpet Replacement, Hull Liners, Drapes & Curtains, Custom Seating, Pillows, Commercial Galley Chairs, Custom Boat Covers, Salons, or Settees.


Custom Stairwell Hatch Cover For Yacht

custom hatch coverOur customer base includes many of Seattle's business and community leaders. Most value their privacy, so we can't identify the owner of this 140 foot yacht, but we can show you how we solved a vexing design problem.

custom hatch cover

A narrow spiral staircase (right) provides access to the top deck and flybridge. Originally, the stairwell was crowned with a sturdy fiberglass shell. The shell was heavy and difficult to open, but it kept out the elements.

The weight turned out to be a problem. One crew member nearly lost a finger when the heavy fiberglass shell slipped and pancaked his hand. The heavy shell was a menace.

We suggested a novel solution — replace the clunky one piece shell with a slim, custom engineered tri-fold canopy. As you can see (below) the canopy is built using a clear, scratch-resistant polycarbonite. The transparent, lightweight canopy easily unfolds then folds back down to provide a water tight barrier.

In addition to being safer, our unobtrusive tri-fold allows the stairwell to remain open when seas are calm. It looks great, too!

custom yacht hatch


Custom Built Canvas Enclosure For Inflatable Boat

Inflatables are perfect for exploring Puget Sound; they're speedy and go almost anywhere thanks to shallow displacement.

When the owner of a 20 foot inflatable boat approached us to build a canvas enclosure we were thrilled. You don't see many inflatables with full canvas enclosures. The only thing we had to go on was a picture the customer pulled from a boating magazine. The picture was no help. The enclosure done for that inflatable was all wrong. It was poorly designed and slapped together. We decided to start from scratch and do it the right way.

inflatable boat with enclosure

At Mac's Boat and Yacht Canvas Shop, customer input drives both design and engineering. The owner of this inflatable boat wanted the freedom to stand-up and move around inside the enclosure. He wanted to pilot the boat without blind spots. He wanted plenty of visibility when sitting behind the spray hood. And he wanted the pontoons to double as casual seating. With that in mind, we went to work.

We came up with an innovative, "form follows function" design. For maximum visibility, we wrapped the enclosure in clear panels. Each individual panel is removable, allowing multiple configurations. We cut circular "port holes" on each side of the spray hood for forward visibility when seated. We set the enclosure height at six foot two and angled the windshield to allow plenty of space. There's so much room, you can even walk around in front of the console without bending over. We saved the most unusual design element for the pontoons.

support columns
side view
front view

The frame is constructed with 1 inch, .65 gauge stainless steel tubing. Since tubing can't be anchored to an air-filled pontoon, we're forced to bolt the frame into the deck. Normally, this would reduce square footage and restrict access to the pontoons. We engineered a way around this problem by custom-bending the support columns so they drape over the pontoons then extend up (above right). The pontoons could then be used for seating.

The custom canvas boat enclosure required plenty of back and forth between the customer and designer. In the end, the customer got exactly what he wanted; every angle and panel on this inflatable enclosure is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • tubing
    Pontoon Seats
  • support columns
    Windshield Angled Forward
  • side view
    Port View
  • front view
    Forward View

boat canvas
boat canvas
boat canvas
boat canvas
boat canvas
boat canvas

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    Slant Back Boat Cover
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    Bimini Enclosure
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    Canvas Dodger
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    Bimini Boat Top
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    Binnacle Cover
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    Cover For Tender