Truck Upholstery & Seat Repair

Mac's Upholstery is tops in truck seat repair, seat frame repair and truck upholstery. If your pickup needs new seat foam, new padding, a new cushion, or a seat patch give us a call. We install vinyl and leather truck seat covers, lumbar supports and seat heaters. We also repair or replace truck carpets, floor mats, seat belts, armrests and panels.

Truck Seat Repair, Truck Cushions & Truck Seat Foam

Seattle truckers and pickup owners count on Mac's for upholstery repair. It's no secret why Mac's is so popular; we've been repairing truck seat frames, installing covers and fixing seat foam for more than half a century.

new truck seat cover Ford F150

Whether you're on the job, a sportsman, or use your pickup to commute, your truck seat will inevitably wear out. Even the beefy seats found on heavy duty F-150s, Chevrolet Silverados and Rams don't last forever. When the seat foam, cover or suspension goes bad you can pay big money to install a brand new one or you can drop by our truck seat repair shop and get the job done right for a lot less money.

Often times the damage is limited to a section of foam or fabric, usually the front corner. If that's the case, we can rebuild your seat by replacing only the bad foam or torn fabric at a fraction of the cost for a new seat.

Repair My Truck Seat

Take a look at the flatbed bench seat in the following pictures. A rat's nest of accumulated duct tape is the only thing holding it together. If the owner had dropped by Mac's before the seat was trashed, we could have salavaged the foam and possibly patched the seat. Instead, we had to rebuild the seat foam and replace the entire seat cover.

  • truck seat repair
    Flatbed Truck
  • truck seat repair
    Duct Tape Repair
  • truck seat repair
    What A Mess
  • truck seat repair
    Repair Truck Seat Foam

The owner didn't like the cloth in the original seat, so we fabricated a brand new one with vinyl. The new seat is much easier to maintain. And you can forget about duct tape!

  • truck seat repair
    Reupholster Truck Seat
  • truck seat repair
    New Vinyl Seat Cover

Install Leather Truck Seats

Reupholstering the interior of your truck makes even more sense when you consider the cost of a new vehicle. Instead of buying a new pickup, the owner of this Ford F-150 (below) purchased a brand new truck carpet set and leather upholstery kit. As a bonus, we custom-fit a pair of adjustable seat heaters for twenty percent less than it would have cost without the truck upholstery upgrade.

  • factory carpeting
    New Carpet Set
  • seat heater control
    Adjustable Seat Heater Controls
  • new leather upholstery
    Leather Seats For Trucks

Truck Seat Repair & Truck Seat Replacement

wrinkled seat coverCall us when you need to repair truck seats and upholster truck seats. We install and repair Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GM and Chevrolet truck seats. If you need truck seat upholstery, pickup truck seats, custom truck seats or truck seat upholstery repair, call the truck upholstery experts Mac's Upholstery.

Count on Mac's to professionally install Jeep tops, vinyl seat covers, cloth seat covers, leather seat covers, weather stripping, door panels, reproduction seat covers, leather kits and armrests for your car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle.

katzin truck interiors

Mac's is a top installer for Katzkin Truck Interiors. Katzkin is the leader in luxury leather seat covers for cars and aftermarket auto, truck and SUV upholstery. Drop by our showroom to view samples.

Repair Torn Truck Seat

We excel in all phases of truck seat repair from fixing a single panel, to installing a leather seat cover, to extensive frame work or truck seat foam repair. Do you have a torn truck seat, cracked leather truck seats or need to refurbish leather truck seats? Do you have a ripped truck seat or a cigarette burn? Bring your vehicle to Mac's; we'll explain what needs to be done, then provide a free repair estimate.


Datsun 320 Bench Seat

1963 DatsunThe Datsun 320 single cab "truck" was one of the original Japanese imports. It was manufactured from 1961 to 1965 in three series (320–322). It's technically a truck, but it has the awkward look of a pickup "designed by committee"; the bed on some models looks like it was glued on as an afterthought. Its tiny 1.2 liter engine was barely powerful enough for highway driving.

The vehicle was also configured as a utility truck and panel van. Because they're so unusual, the 1963 Datsun 320 is prized by some collectors.

  • '63 Datsun seat repair
    Original 1963 Datsun Seat
  • '63 Datsun seat repair
    Restoring Seat Frame
  • '63 Datsun seat repair
    Rebuilt Cushion
  • '63 Datsun seat repair
    Fabricating Cover Insert
  • '63 Datsun seat repair
    Door Panels
  • '63 Datsun seat repair
    Restored Bench Seat

Here's a bench seat from a 320 cab. The foam had deteriorated and the vinyl cover had stiffened over the years. A bench seat this old required a total rebuild.

We stripped it all the way down to the spring bed and frame, then built it back with brand new foam and premium quality vinyl in two colors: Silver Stone and Black. We also reupholstered the door panels in matching colors. They weren't the original vinyls, but the colors recall the sixities, when this truck was built.


Repair Chevy Truck Seat

1964 Chevy TruckMore than half a century old, the 1964 Chevy pickup is a classic. When this truck rolled off the factory floor, Beatlemania was sweeping the nation, the war in Vietnam was escalating and NBC's Bonanza was the top TV show in America.

Most pickups this old are on their second or third seat. Not this one. The truck's been repaired and repainted, but the seat is original. When a bench seat from a truck this old is damaged, the driver's side inevitably needs attention. In this instance, the entire seat has to be rebuilt.

The filthy vinyl, burlap, foam and cotton batting can't be salvaged. They're stripped from the frame and tossed. Because the frame is rusty, the owner took the extraordinary step of having the metal surface cleaned and powder coated. For additional protection we repainted the frame and springs.

  • truck seat repair
    Damaged Chevy Truck Seat
  • truck seat repair
    Powder Coated Truck Seat Frame
  • truck seat repair
    Primed & Painted Seat Frame
  • truck seat repair
    New Seat Foam
  • truck seat repair
    Reupholstered Bench Seat
  • truck seat repair
    Perfect Alignment

With the old frame restored and prepped, we reconstructed the padding using burlap and various densities of polyurethane foam.

The truck owner selected Sierra Cognac vinyl for the new cover. It's a light brown vinyl engineered for high traffic environments like truck seats. The durable vinyl boasts a subtle scar pattern reminiscent of leather. The original seat featured a smooth finish. The owner wanted to dress it up a little, so we cut sixteen parallel pleats into the seat and backrest. It's not an original design, but the stylish pleats don't look out of place.


Dump Truck Seat Repair

A dump truck bench seat gets loads of abuse. With daily use, a flimsy seat cover won't last long.

It's tempting to put off repairs, but waiting can be costly in more ways than one. Rebuilding a broken seat is much more expensive than simply recovering it. What's more, operating a dump truck with a trashed seat can damage a driver's back.

  • rebuild dump truck seat
    Truck Seat Before Repair
  • rebuild dump truck seat
    DIY Tape Repair
  • rebuild dump truck seat
    Damaged Spring Bed
  • rebuild dump truck seat
    Coil Spring Repairs
  • rebuild dump truck seat
    Foam Padding
  • rebuild dump truck seat
    Truck Seat After Repair

As you can see, this dump truck bench seat was in terrible shape when it came through the door. It should've been recovered years ago; duct tape and rags are no substitute for state-of-the-art vinyl. Without the protection of a durable cover, the padding crumbled. Then the seat deck and spring bed collapsed.

The seat was so far gone we had to strip it "down to the studs". After repairing and resetting the coil suspension, we rebuilt the seat deck and padding from scratch. For the cushion we used burlap, rebond and the finest quality polyurethane foam. When the cushion was finished we covered it with a work-friendly brown vinyl. The marine grade vinyl we use is much more durable than the original stuff.

Unlike the original, this rebuilt bench seat will last for years.


GMC Truck Seat Repair

A customer recently pulled into our shop with a damaged truck seat. It was nothing out of the ordinary; after more than a decade of daily use you'd expect a pickup seat to show some wear. He'd considered selling the truck, but aside from the torn seat cover his 2006 GMC Sierra was still in good condition. In this instance, rebuilding the seat was the perfect solution.

  • gmc truck seat repair
    Driver's Seat Deck Removed
  • gmc truck seat repair
    Damaged Seat Panels
  • gmc truck seat repair
    Inspecting Foam
  • gmc truck seat repair
    Signs Of Wear
  • gmc truck seat repair
    Cutting Replacement Pieces From Hide
  • gmc truck seat repair
    New Seat Cover Before Fitting
  • gmc truck seat repair
    Rebuilding Foam Bolsters
  • gmc truck seat repair
    New Seat in Truck
  • gmc truck seat repair
    Perfect Replacement

After removing the frame to better inspect the seat we discovered most of the damage was limited to a few leather and vinyl panels. The seat foam was in pretty good shape, but the side bolsters were collapsing in places.

With the seat torn apart this was an ideal time to fix the foam before it got any worse. We rebuilt the bolsters, tossed the damaged leather and vinyl and went to work on the new seat cover. The truck owner wanted to go with leather throughout so we matched the color with one of our hides and fabricated a brand new perfect fit cover. As he drove away the owner told us the seat was better than new!


Reupholster Truck Bench Seat

One of our customers recently purchased a light blue 1970s Ford pickup. The previous owner had reupholstered the original bench seat using a plush automotive velour (below first row). The fabric color matched the original interior, but the new owner felt the style was all wrong. The reupholstered bench seat looked like something you'd find in grandma's Buick Electra, not a classic pickup.

He wanted the seat to look more like the original.

  • old truck bench seat
    Old Bench Seat
  • old truck bench seat
    Cloth Seat Cover
  • old truck bench seat
    Reupholstered Bench Seat
  • old truck bench seat
    Custom Vinyl Seat Cover

We replaced the velour fabric with a tough automotive vinyl. The truck's original door panels were still in place, so we designed a pattern in the seat to match the side panels.

The new seat cover is much closer to the original. And it's a whole lot nicer!


Repairing A Broken Back Seat

You don't have to be a mechanic to spot what's wrong with this Nissan Titan truck seat. The seat back is so badly twisted it's threatening to snap off. This is an extreme example of what happens when a driver leans into the seat back while exiting. The torque created by his shoulder not only cracked the seat frame, it busted a support brace.

It's unlikely the driver will change the way he exits the truck, so in addition to repairing the damage we need to prevent it from happening again.

  • twisted truck seat
    Twisted Driver's Seat
  • twisted truck seat
    Cracked & Broken Seat Frame
  • twisted truck seat
    Welding Broken Frame
  • twisted truck seat
    Welded & Stiffened
  • twisted truck seat
    Burlap & Jute
  • twisted truck seat
    Good As New!

After welding the cracked frame and reattaching the horizontal support bar, we fabricated a steel cross brace to stiffen the frame even more. During the repair we discovered shredded foam where the frame rubbed against the padding. To prevent future damage we wrapped sections of the chair back in burlap cloth and thick jute padding.

As the final pic shows, the seat looks good as new. And it's a lot more rugged.


Hidden Truck Seat Damage

Truck seat damage is not always easy to spot.

For example, we recently scheduled a Dodge Ram for a driver's side seat cover. After stripping off the old fabric we discovered significant damage to both the seat back and side bolster. We could've replaced the seat cover and called it good, but the customer would've been back for additional seat repair in a matter of months. The smart thing to do – fix the seat before installing the seat cover.

  • truck seat repair
    Torn Seat Bolster
  • truck seat repair
    After Foam Repair
  • truck seat repair
    Damaged Foam Seat Back
  • truck seat repair
    Reinforcing Seat Back
  • truck seat repair
    Reinforced Seat Bottom
  • truck seat repair
    Truck Seat After Repair

First step, repair the torn bolster. The bolster foam was still intact, so we were able to reattach it without too much trouble. Damage to the seat back was a different story. A poorly engineered support strut had sliced a diagonal gash through the back support. Fixing this required more than foam repair.

To protect the back from further damage we double-wrapped the polyurethane foam in rugged burlap and jute. We did the same thing for the seat bottom which was also showing signs of wear.

The truck seat repair added a few dollars to the bill, but it saved the customer time and money long term. He also got a seat that's sturdy, fits right and feels great.


Rebuild Pickup Bench Seat

old ford pickupThis is a rebuilt bench seat from a 1960s Ford pickup. It was a complete remake from the ground up: we repaired the frame and springs, replaced the damaged foam and covered it with new vinyl. We also added pleats and updated the colors.

While some collectors insist on original parts or authentic looking knock-offs, others like to be creative. There's nothing original about this bench seat. For one thing, the vinyl we used for the seat cover is a lot more supple, durable and brighter than anything available back in the 60s.

  • truck bench
    Rebuilt Bench Seat
  • truck bench
    Precision Pleats
  • truck bench
    The Finest Vinyl

Food Truck Black-Out Shades

Have you checked out The Fork & Fin? It's a Seattle area food truck specializing in fresh Alaskan Pollock. You'll often find it parked near the waterfront in Ballard or inside the stadium during a Seahawks game.

Fork & Fin

Great food is the recipe for a successful food truck, but appearances count. The owners of The Fork & Fin have the great food part down. They called us to fabricate a set of black-out shades to keep the truck looking sharp during take-out hours.

  • black out curtains
    Food Truck Front Cabin
  • black out curtains
    Front Cabin Black-Out Shades
  • black out curtains
    Food Truck Side Door
  • black out curtains
    Side Door Black-Out Shades

Black-out shades usually require two layers, an opaque fabric to keep out the light and something that looks good to cover it. For this application, a single layer of black fabric would do the trick.

The owners wanted to cover the windshield and two side windows. We recommened durable, fade-resistant Sunbrella© because it's a premier outdoor fabric with a dense weave. Since Sunbrella© is a solution-dyed acrylic, we heat-sealed the edges to prevent fraying then sewed binding strips all the way around each insert.

To make sure the fit was right we patterned twice and did the snaps and final trim on site. Perfect!


Repair Truck Bench Seat

When a truck seat starts to disintegrate, it's tempting to put off repairs. Why do it now? It's not that bad. Who knows, maybe the seat repair elves will magically appear in the dead of night and have at it. In the mean time, just slap-on some duct tape and wait a while.

Here's what happens when you wait a while. Instead of torn vinyl, you've got a busted seat frame, shredded foam and a ruined cover. What would have been a simple vinyl repair is now a big, expensive production.

  • truck seat repair
    Before Truck Seat Repair
  • truck seat repair
    Collapsed Truck Seat
  • truck seat repair
    Damaged Cushion Foam
  • truck seat repair
    Broken Seat Frame
  • truck seat repair
    Reinforced Seat Bed
  • truck seat repair
    After Truck Seat Rebuild

Inspecting the bench seat, our technicians confirmed the damage. What a mess!

The frame was so badly trashed we had to rebuild it. To enhance durability, we replaced the flimsy wire frame seat bed with ¾ inch plywood. Then we installed new foam where it was necessary and salvaged the rest. Most of the vinyl seat cover was too far gone and had to be reconstructed.

As you can tell from the before and after pics above, the rebuilt bench seat turned out great. Too bad the truck owner put off repairs. He could have saved a ton by getting it fixed earlier.


Mitsubishi Montero Seat Repair

welding broken truck seatMac's automotive shop does a lot more than fabricate foam cushions and install truck seat covers. For example, a customer recently complained about the driver's side seat in his Mitsubishi Montero; it was tipping right and squeaking.

Even before inspecting it, we had a pretty good idea what was wrong. There's a minor design flaw in these seats. The power tilt motor is bolted to heavy gauge support brackets on the lefthand side of the backrest frame. Brackets on the other side are not as sturdy; they don't need to anchor the additional weight. Getting in and out of the vehicle torks the seatback. Over time, the brackets on the weak side can snap.

It's a simple fix — strip the seat, weld the brackets to the frame, then put everything back together. Some shops would stop there and call it good. We go one step further. We reinforce the old brackets by welding additional strips of heavy gauge steel to the frame. This extra step makes all the difference. The seat is stronger now than it was rolling off the assembly line.


Building Seats For The Big Boys

Americans are bigger than ever. Today's average adults are roughly 25 pounds heavier than they were in 1960. Fortunately, the beefier bodies haven't been a problem for most truck makers. Today's standard truck seats are okay even for a Cheetos-challenged driver. But, when somebody tips the scale north of 300 pounds a standard seat may go bad. Before any damage is done, we recommend replacing the OEM seat foam with something denser.

Actually, rebuilding the seat is a little more complicated than simply switching the foam.

  • stiffen truck seat
    Standard Upholstery Foam
  • truck seat for heavy people
    Sturdy Rebond Foam
  • truck seat rebuild
    Combination Polyurethane & Rebond Foam

Since we're reusing the original seat cover, we can't change the shape of the seat cushion. To maintain "shape integrity" we only remove weight-bearing blocks of foam on the seat deck. Dense, high compression rebond foam replaces the foam we took out. There's no need to change the seatback; the extra weight of a big body stresses the seat deck and cushion much more than the seatback.

An average person might find the rebuilt seat a little stiff, but for a really big body it's just right.


Thinking Outside The Box Truck

"Perfect fit" OEM-style seat covers are usually available for all late model trucks and SUVs. These replacement covers look great and fit like a glove. On the rare occasion when we can't find a seat cover, we have to think outside the box. Here's an example of that.

A truck owner recently needed both the passenger and jump seats in his 2009 Silverado repaired — doggie damage. Unfortunately, nobody had a set of OEM-style replacement covers. The only one available was for the jump seat. The jump seat cover was perfect, but what about the passenger seat?

  • silverado seat repair
    Damaged Silverado Truck Seat
  • silverado seat repair
    Repair Silverado Truck Seat

One of our techs had a brainstorm. The center panel on the old jump seat (1) was still good. Since the old jump seat matched the old pasenger seat (2), why not use fabric from the jump seat to fix the passenger seat? Great idea! Except for one thing. The old jump seat fabric (3) didn't fit the passenger seat (4). It was too short.

  • silverado seat repair
    New Cover For Jump Seat
  • silverado seat repair
    Silverado Front Seat Repair

After considering a range of options, we sewed the fabrics together — the old passenger seat and the old jump seat. Together, they were long enough to get the job done. The repair required an additional seam across the face of the seat deck (bottom right), but it's not the sort of thing you'd notice unless somebody pointed it out. Nice work!


Boom Truck Seat Repair

Like all construction vehicles, a boom truck is built to take years of on-the-job abuse. The first thing to go bad is often the upholstery inside the cabin; vinyl seat covers fade and tear, springs rust, foam shrinks.

When a damaged boom truck bench seat arrived at our shop, its frame was still in pretty good shape. But, the cover was a mess and the polyurethane foam cushion had compressed so severely that the seat back hinges were slicing into the foam.

  • Shrunken & Torn Seat Foam
    Sliced Seat Foam
  • New Padding
    New Padding
  • Repair Bench Seat
    Truck Bench Seat Repair

Instead of replacing the damaged foam — which eventually would've ripped or collapsed again — we wedged a protective layer of heavy-duty carpet padding between the frame and foam. The half inch padding serves two functions. It protects the foam cushion from further damage. It also raises the seat deck to its original level.

Finally, we upgraded the vinyl fabric to give the seat more of a soft leather feel without sacrificing durability.


Matching Stitch Patterns When Recovering

Restoring an Isuzu truck seat to showroom standards takes more than a few yards of fabric and a sewing machine. Doing it right requires superb craftsmanship, years of experience, and a thorough knowledge of fabrics. This truck seat is put to the test every workday, so instead of replacing the damaged upholstery fabric with the same stuff, we recommended a much more durable fabric. Some sections of the seat did not need to be repaired, so it was important to find a tough fabric that matched the original design.

  • isuzu seat repair
    Damaged Bench Seat Cover
  • isuzu seat repair
    New Vinyl & Fabric
  • isuzu seat repair
    Precision Stitching
  • isuzu seat repair
    Steaming Away Wrinkles

After finding the right fabric, we went to work.

Notice the clean welt and precise stitching. Notice how we plump the foam and smooth the fabric. You'll find superior workmanship in all of our projects. Quality is why Mac's Upholstery is Seattle's favorite.


Reshaping Pickup Seats

It's difficult to rebuild a collapsed seat deck when heating pads are embedded in the foam. Under normal circumstances, we would have simply trimmed and replaced the bad foam. With seat heaters glued into the foam, that wasn't an option. A less conventional, but equally effective technique provided the answer. Instead of trimming the top, we flipped the seats and removed the bad foam from the bottom of the cushion.

  • ram 1500 seat rebuild
    Embedded Seat Heater
  • ram 1500 seat rebuild
    Damaged Cushion Foam
  • ram 1500 seat rebuild
    Removing Damaged Foam
  • ram 1500 seat rebuild
    Rebond Foam
  • ram 1500 seat rebuild
    Reinstalling Seat Cover
  • ram 1500 seat rebuild
    Truck Seat Repaired

We replaced the bad foam with rebond — a sturdy foam manufactured by shredding and bonding polyurethane scraps. The owner wanted the seats raised slightly so we cut the foam a little thicker, glued it down, then reinforced the sides with rebond and a softer foam. The passenger seat was in better shape, so the repair was pretty simple.


F-150 Seat Repair

The Ford "F" Series has dominated pickup sales in America for the past 35+ years, so it's no wonder we see a lot of them at our Ballard shop. Even the rugged seats in an F-150 wear down — especially the driver's side. The seat foam and truck seat cover on this one was so badly trashed, it required significant restoration work.

We begin by rebuilding the truck seat foam. After filling the damaged section with sturdy rebond foam, we cover it with a layer of soft foam to improve the feel. The center section is also covered with a layer of rebond, then the seat is carefully sanded and steamed to restore its original shape.

  • F150 Seat Repair
    Damaged F-150 Seat
  • F150 Seat Repair
    Damaged Seat Foam
  • F150 Seat Repair
    Installing Replacement Foam
  • F150 Seat Repair
    Pink Scrim Anchors Stiches
  • F150 Seat Repair
    Repair Side View
  • F150 Seat Repair
    Seat Repaired

Using the original seat cover as a pattern, we fabricate a new cover from a similar, but more durable fabric. Before attaching the seat cover, we drape a thin sheet of scrim over the new seat. The scrim not only anchors the stitching, it softens the seat without sacrificing support.

The rebuilt F-150 truck seat looks as good as it feels. Just as important, it should also last even longer than the original.


Ram Laramie Seat Repair

The owner of a Ram Laramie had purchased leather for an earlier upholstery project. When the driver's seat of his pickup started tearing at the seams, he figured why not use the left-over leather to repair the truck seat. The new leather wasn't a perfect match, but it was close enough for him. This is a great example of how Mac's Upholstery can save you big money by repairing an individual seat panel unstead of replacing the entire truck seat cover.

  • RAM truck Seat Repair
    Damaged RAM Truck Seat Panel
  • RAM truck Seat Repair
    Cutting Leather Replacement Section
  • RAM truck Seat Repair
    Matching Stitch Pattern
  • RAM truck Seat Repair
    Rebuilding Truck Seat Foam
  • RAM truck Seat Repair
    Reshapped Seat Foam
  • RAM truck Seat Repair
    Perfect Fit

After stripping the seat cover, we discovered the foam beneath the damaged seam was pretty well shot. Using stiff rebond foam and a soft polyurethane, we rebuilt and reshaped the edge to match the opposite side.

The damaged section of leather was still in decent shape, so we used it to pattern the replacement piece. After preparing the new piece, we carefully aligned the edges of replacement leather to the old seat cover. The perfect alignment allowed us to reuse the existing stitch holes. Aside from the slight color difference, it's hard to tell the seat was repaired at all.

Facelift For An Old-Timer

Jeep Commando Convertibles from the 1960s are hard to find. A vintage Commando that looks great and runs well, is a collector's dream. Instead of saving it for an occasional Sunday afternoon drive, the owner of this cherry red Commando wants to enjoy it.

It's hard to improve on a classic, but after repairing one of the leather seats, we suggested soundproofing, new door panels and a carpet upgrade.

  • DexDamp Soundproofing Floor
    DexDamp Auto Soundproofing
  • Truck Padding & Carpeting
    New Padding & Carpeting
  • Carpet Installed
    Car Carpet Set & Soundproofing
  • Seats & Carpet Pads Installed
    Car Seat Reupholstered
  • Spare Tire & Rear Compartment
    Spare Tire & Rear
  • Ready For Another Adventure
    Ready For Action

You'd be amazed at the improvement a little inexpensive soundproofing can make in a noisy, older vehicle such as a Jeep Commando. After blanketing the floor with silver Dexdamp sound dampening panels, we added a sheet of polyurethane, then covered the two layers in jute padding. With the soundproofing in place, we topped it off with heavy duty carpeting.

The soundproofing and carpet turned out great! Best of all, this vintage Jeep Commando looks the same as it did before the work; something a car collector truly appreciates.