Custom Boat Bunks & Mattresses

Do you need a mattress for a boat? Our marine experts build custom v berth boat mattresses, boat berths and marine bunks using the finest quality, high-density foam. We also manufacture custom memory foam toppers that fit perfectly in any v berth, state room, captain's cabin or crew quarters.

Fight Condensation & Moisture

no moisture

If you want to eliminate onboard condensation problems once and for all, we recommend HyperVent matting. This revolutionary product not only reduces dampness under mattresses, bunk pads and cushions, it fights dangerous mold and mildew.

hypervent padding HyperVent is a special polymer spun into stiff, flexible 3/4 inch loops. The loops are bonded to a breathable layer of fabric. Together, they allow fresh air to continually circulate under mattresses, pads and cushions. Best of all, you can't feel it even under a thin mattress.

We custom-cut HyperVent matting to fit beneath many of the marine pads and mattreses we manufacture for pleasure boats, sailboats, yachts and commercial vessels. Drop by our showroom and we'll show you how it works!

Custom Boat Mattresses

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There's a simple reason Seattle's Commercial Fishing Fleet turns to Mac's Upholstry for custom bunk mattresses and sleeping berth cushions. They trust Mac's because our technicians use only the finest marine grade foams and fabrics when manufacturing custom boat mattresses, boat bunks, marine mattresses, v berth cushions and v berth mattresses.

Marine Bunks & Berths

Pleasure boat owners count on Mac's for the same reasons and more. Our custom mattresses for boats, v berth cushions and v berth mattresses are not only durable, they look great!

They look great and they're convenient. Custom foam boat mattresses manufactured by Mac's Marine Upholstery can be hinged and bent for easy storage and moving.

Yacht Mattresses

We also manufacture custom yacht mattresses for state rooms. In fact, Mac's Marine Upholstery is one of the few shops in the entire Pacific Northwest where demanding yacht owners will find the best custom custom yacht interiors and custom made canvas.

Custom Mattresses For RVs & Campers

Our custom foam mattresses are not only excellent for ships, yachts and boats, they're great for RV’s and campers. We can personalize headboards, bolsters and mattress covers. While you're upgrading your stateroom why not add new new hull lining or custom carpets?

When you need a mattress for a boat or a boat bunk call Mac's. We pledge superior workmanship, excellent customer service and on-time delivery. Call today for your free estimate.

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  • marine bedding seattle
  • marine bedding seattle

Custom Rail Guard For Bunk

rail protector
rail protector rail protector rail protector

Here's a great example of how small things can make a big difference.

A commercial fisherman recently complained about the design of his bunk. He often scraped a leg against the rail when getting on or off the mattress.

Replacing or redesigning the bunk would have been too expensive; it was built into the cabin. After talking things over, our marine specialists hit on a simple solution.

Instead of upholstering the entire rail, we suggested a padded rail guard to cover the access slot. Using plywood, polyurethane foam and durable, margine-grade vinyl, we fabricated the custom rail cover. It turned out to be a perfect fit. Not only did the rail guard make getting in and out of the bunk a lot easier, the fisherman could take it with him if he moved to another cabin.