Custom Boat Headliners & Hull Liners

Condensation, moisture and mildew can be hard on boat upholstery. Puget Sound boat owners count on Mac's Upholstery for the finest interior and exterior marine upholstery. We sell boat headliner fabric. We also specialize in repairing and replacing boat headliners and hull liners.

Custom Manufactured Hull Liners

hull liner
boat headliner

A hull liner is one of those things you never notice unless it's torn, stained or delaminating. If the liner is damaged, your cabin is never going to look its best.

A new headliner or hull liner is among the most economical ways to upgrade your boat. In addition to brightening the cabin, a new liner covers stains, provides insulation and enhances the value of your watercraft.

Custom Installed Boat Headliners

Fight Condensation



HyperVent is a spun polymer woven into large loops then bonded to a layer of fabric. When placed beneath a bunk or cushion, HyperVent fights moisture by allowing plenty of dry air to circulate. It's lightweight and flexible, yet stiff enough to maintain its shape for years.

Mac's Upholstery is Puget Sound's leader in custom marine headliners and hull liners.

Years of fabricating and installing hull liners has taught us that every project is different. Properly repairing a boat headliner or replacing a hull liner requires a series of steps. You can't just tack on new fabric and call it good.

After stripping the old liner and fasteners, the hull needs to be thoroughly sanded and prepped. In some cases we'll recommend a padded liner, in other cases a thin fabric works fine.

Whatever fabric you choose, it needs to be cut and attached with great care, especially when the surface is concave or irregular. You only have one chance to get it right!

Environmental conditions impact the life of a liner, but when it's installed by the professionals at Mac's, you can expect a hull liner or headliner to last up to 15 years.

In most cases, our technicians do the work dockside and onboard your watercraft. For trailer boats, it can be more cost-effective to restore the hull liner or boat headliner at our Ballard shop. Wherever we do the work, you can count on Mac's Upholstery to use the finest materials and the latest technologies to repair or replace your boat liner.

Boat Headliner Fabric Colors & Textures

— Please Note Colors Are Approximate —
White Non-Perforated hull liner
White Perforated)
White Non-Perforated hull liner
White Non-Perforated
White Non-Perforated hull liner
White Non-Perf. Foam Back
White Perforated hull liner
White Perforated (Foam Back)
irish tweed hull liner
Irish Tweed Light Grey

Popular Hull Liner Colors & Fabrics

— Please Note Colors Are Approximate —
Silver Blend
hull liner
Cream Blend
hull liner
Sand Blend
hull liner
hull liner
hull liner

Hull Liner & Marine Headliner Installations

  • hull liner
    Starboard Hull Liner
  • v berth liner
    V Berth Liner
  • hull liner
    Hull Liner Behind Cabinets