Hypervent Fights Condensation

Keep your boat cabin dry with Hypervent. It's far and away the best product to reduce marine condensation. Mac's Upholstery sells and installs hypervent for boats and other applications.

Boaters everywhere face a common problem – condensation inside the cabin. Onboard condensation is more than a nuisance. Unwanted moisture not only damages furniture, gear and equipment, it spawns unhealthy mold and mildew.

without hypervent
with hypervent

The problem is typically caused by temperature differences in places where air circulation is poor.

Poor Air Circulation

Warm cabin air holds more moisture than cold air. When warm air inside the cabin cools down, it can't hold as much moisture. Excessive humidity collects on cool surfaces. Without proper air circulation, moisture pools on bunks, lockers and bulkheads.

Hypervent Works

Hypervent -- a spun polymer bonded to a breathable fabric -- solves the problem by allowing plenty of air to circulate in places where stagnant water collects. Best of all, you can use it almost anywhere; Hypervent's sturdy ¾ inch polymer loops don't compress under heavy loads.

In the past, when condensation turned a bunk into a soaking mess you'd have to dry it on deck. Now there's a better way. Hypervent is the practical solution to moisture prevention. There are dozens of onboard applications:

Polymer Loops
Storage Lockers
Engine Room
On Deck


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  • Affordable, Convenient & Effective Hypervent

  • Keeps Bunks Dry
  • Promotes Air Circulation
  • Fights Moisture
  • Easy To Use (trim with knife or scissors)
  • Low Maintenance, Easy To Clean
  • Maintains Shape Under Pressure
  • Light Weight
  • Works In Cold Or Hot Climate