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Mac's custom manufactures pleasure boat upholstery and yacht upholstery. If you need boat cushions, mattresses, curtains, marine upholstery foam, or helm seats, call Mac's. If you're looking for boat seat covers, galley seats, railings, foam, or speed-boat interiors, call Mac's. We also carry a large selection of marine grade carpet and vinyl upholstery.

New Boat Upholstery, Repair Boat Seat Cushions

Generations of Puget Sound mariners have trusted Mac's for premium boat cushions, boat interior upholstery and yacht upholstery.

We also design, fabricate and install custom helm seat covers, bow cushions, deck chair cushions, galley cushions, V-berth cushions, cabin cushions and deck cushions.

Shop & Compare Prices

Drop by our showroom to view marine vinyls and fabric samples. See the latest patterns and colors from Sunbrella®, Spinneybeck, Duralee, Majilite, Robert Allen, Stamoid Marine, Ultrasuede, Kravet and Naugahyde®.

After viewing fabric samples, check out our boat cushion foams. They're available in a wide range of densities and sizes. We'll help you find the perfect combination of fabric and foam to meet your needs. And because we're close to the waterfront you can count on us for quick custom fittings.

canvas shop
Mac's Marine Canvas Shop

Custom Boat Canvas

Our marine canvas shop is conveniently located near the Ship Canal and Fishermen's Terminal, just four blocks south of Mac's Upholstery.

The canvas shop specializes in custom boat enclosures, custom yacht enclosures, Makrolon® enclosures, dodgers, boat covers and windows. Visit our marine canvas page here.

Boat Seat Upholstery Repair & Marine Carpeting

repair boat zipperGive us a call or visit our shop if you need marine upholstery repaired. Mac's Upholstery patches holes and replaces zippers. We repair boat cushions, seat covers, bimini tops, helm seats, bow cushions, marine mattresses, cockpit covers, and mooring covers. We're also the place to go for marine carpet replacement, hull liners, custom boat seats, pontoon boat upholstery, commercial galley chairs, custom boat covers and settees.

Naugahyde® Sample Colors & Textures

The vast array of vinyl samples in our showroom have one thing in common; they're premium grade vinyls from established manufacturers such as Naugahyde®.

Naugahyde is a pioneer in coated fabrics. The company's orginal vinyls had a reputation for cracking and fading in harsh environments. Today's Naugahyde is nothing like the old stuff; it's a popular, superior quality vinyl with outstanding durability and exceptional performance. Here are just a few of the colors and styles Naugahyde® offers for boaters. Roll your mouse over the color swatch to display its name:

New V Berth For Sea Ray

Manufacturing a V berth cushion can be challenging. For one thing, the shape of a V berth varies from boat to boat. Cushion configuration, size and density also differ based on a boat owner's preferences.

Here's a seven piece V berth we built for a Sea Ray owner. As you can see, each cushion for this V berth is a different shape. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, so correctly sizing each cushion is critical.

  • sea ray v berth
    Custom Fit V Berth
  • sea ray v berth
    Crypton Fabric
  • sea ray v berth
    Finest Craftsmanship

Selecting the right fabric is just as important. Many boat owners prefer Sunbrella®. Sunbrella's marine fabric is manufactured from solution-dyed acrylic, so it doesn't fade or change color in a demanding marine environment. It can be a little on the stiff side, however. The fabric we used for this V berth is much softer; 100% woven polyester with a Crypton finish. In addition to being soft, it's extremely durable. It's also stain, fade, abrasion, bacteria and odor resistant. In other words, perfect for this application.

Sea-Doo Seat Covers

sea-doo boatSea-Doo, best known for its line of sporty personal watercraft, also manufactures speed boats. Speed boat seats take a lot of abuse during the summer. It's not uncommon for Sea-Doo seats to need repair every two or three years, especially if teenagers are bouncing around the boat.

We fabricate custom replacement seat covers for all speed boats, including Sea-Doos. But, if a boat owner likes the color scheme of their upholstery, it may be more cost effective to simply order an identical replacement seat cover kit.

  • sea-doo seat covers
    Sea-Doo Seat Covers
  • sea-doo seat covers
    Sea-Doo Seat Covers

In this instance, the seat cover stitching ripped, exposing the foam padding to destructive UV light. The boat owners put off repairs until the end of summer. By the time they brought the seats to us, the foam was pretty well shot. Instead of restitching a couple of seams, the cushions needed to be rebuilt and both seats needed new covers.

Fortunately, there was a Sea-Doo seat cover replacement kit available, which kept repair costs down. We rebuilt the damaged foam cushions, installed a set of identical covers and that was that; the seats were good as new.

Pleated Sun Pad For Seaquest

sun pad for sequestHere's a custom-designed sun pad we created for the bow of a 42 foot Sea Ray. It's fabricated from white and light grey Sequest Vinyl, a durable marine grade vinyl.

The pleated sun pad features a bolstered headrest adjacent to the windshield. The edges are also slightly raised.

There's a hatch built into the SeaRay's bow directly above the V berth. This ventilation hatch doubles as an emergency exit. Since the boat is a privately owned pleasure craft, there's no requirement to have a workable V berth hatch.

For safety reasons, we recommended keeping the hatch functional by building a rip-away cover into the sun pad. We used Velcro® so it easily pops open.

During the off season or when inclement weather strikes, it's easy to remove and store the three piece sun pad below deck or elsewhere.

Color-Matching Boat Cushions

Not all cushions in a pleasure craft wear at the same rate. If passengers prefer sitting in the stern, those seats wear faster than cushions elsewhere. Since there's no sense reupholstering all the seats when only some are damaged, the challenge becomes choosing a vinyl that matches the color and texture of the original fabric.

It's not as easy as you may think. Take the color white, for example. White comes in scores of shades and tones. Some are a little more "blue" than others. Some appear slightly warmer. It's sort of like the difference between fluorescent tubes and standard incandescent bulbs; the light from both are "white", but you definitely notice the difference.

  • boat cushion repair
    Marine Grade Vinyl
  • boat cushion repair
    Color Matched
  • boat cushion repair
    Flawless Cushions

We carry hundreds of vinyls and acrylic-based marine grade fabrics. We'd be happy to suggest a color and pattern to reupholster a boat cushion, but ultimately the customer makes the choice. Whatever the choice may be, you can be sure that any boat cushion reupholstered by Mac's will be durable and flawless.

Bow Cushions For Yacht

Here's an eight piece bow cushion we recently built for a 105 foot yacht. Bow cushions, like V berth cushions, can be challenging. Each bow tends to be a little bit different angle, size and shape. The striped fabric in this picture helps illustrate why correctly sizing the cushions is so important.

bow cushion for boat

Notice the bottom two cushions on the far left. Cushion 'B' is rectangular; the parallel stripes extend all the way down the cushion. At first glance, Cushion 'A' also appears retangular, but look closer and you'll notice how one of the stripes on the cushion doesn't go all the way. That's because this cushion is slightly curved where it meets the gunwale. A less experienced trimmer might have missed this

Ultraleather For Luxury Yacht

When the owners of the luxury yacht Southern Cross based near Santa Barbara decided to homeport a second yacht here in Puget Sound, they called Mac's Upholstery. They wanted to upgrade their interior in royal blue.

Since money was not an object, we upholstered a number of pieces on board the yacht including an eight piece bridge settee, a nine piece galley settee, the captain's bunk and a pair of helm chairs. Everything was reupholstered in Ultraleather®. While substantially more expensive than standard vinyl, Ultraleather® is perfect for a luxury yacht.

  • recovering helm chair
    Reupholstered Helm Chair
  • recovering helm chair
    Ultraleather® Fabric
  • recovering helm chair
    Reupholstered Helm Chair
  • recovering helm chair
    Ultraleather® Fabric

recovering helm chair

recovering helm chair

recovering helm chair

recovering helm chair

Ultraleather® has the rich look and supple feel of real leather, but it's easy to clean and a lot more durable. It comes in a range of colors and textures.

Before upholstering the helm chairs, we replaced the foam. It's important to use the right kind of foam, especially in a demanding marine environment. If boat or yacht seats are exposed to the elements we often recommend Dryfast or EZ-Dri Foam. They're large cell foams designed to shed water. In this case, large cell foam wasn't necessary – all the pieces we upholstered were intended for the bridge and salon.

Seat Insert Repair

There's usually plenty of action onboard a ski boat; passengers running around the deck, hopping in and out of their seats. Upholstery can wear out fast. As you can see (top row), this ski boat bucket seat was in desperate need of repair. And not just because of normal wear and tear. It ripped because the original vinyl was thin and stretched too tight.

  • speedboat seat repair
    Damaged Ski Boat Seat
  • speedboat seat repair
    Damaged Ski Boat Insert
  • speedboat seat repair
    Repaired Seat
  • speedboat seat repair
    Repaired Insert

The bolster arms were undamaged and the foam was still in good shape, so we focused our attention on the damaged insert. Instead of repairing it with the same substandard material, we used a stronger vinyl with a little bit of stretch. We also increased the seam allowance so there was more "give". After repairing the insert the seat was good as new.

How Not To Build Marine Cushions

Every once in a while we come across a real head scratcher; these boat cushions, for example. They're fabricated with EZ-Dri® foam. EZ-Dri is a stiff foam with large air pockets. Instead of absorbing water the way conventional cushions do, the air pockets in this foam are engineered to shed water.

  • poorly made marine cushions
    Original Boat Cushion
  • poorly made marine cushions
    Plastic Under The Cover

The people who fabricated these boat cushions wrapped the EZ-Dri foam in waterproof plastic. Since EZ-Dri is designed to absorb and discharge water, covering it with plastic is counterproductive. Instead of draining water, the plastic cover created a perfect environment for mold and mildew.

  • poorly made marine cushions
    Ez-Dri & Dacron Layer
  • poorly made marine cushions
    New Cover

And that's not the only thing wrong with these cushions. The white material covering the foam is Dacron®. Dacron is used to soften the crown of a cushion. Trouble is, these cushions were manufactured with the Dacron underneath the foam instead of on top. It doesn't do any good that way.

Before fabricating new covers, we cleaned and re-engineered the cushions so they worked right.

Boat Carpet Replacement

In addition to marine upholstery and boat cushions, we install custom snap-in and glue-down carpet for any size pleasure craft.

When the owner of this 19 foot Bayliner Capri needed new carpet, he dropped by our showroom to check out different color and style combinations. In the end, he decided to stick with the original rubber-backed burgundy. We ordered the carpet and went to work.

  • glue down carpet
    Bayliner Deck Stripped
  • glue down carpet
    Installing Glue-Down Carpet
  • glue down carpet
    Glue-Down Carpet Installation
  • glue down carpet
    Bayliner Capri After New Carpet

After sizing the replacement carpet, we stripped the old flooring, scrubbed and prepped the fiberglass deck, then began the actual installation. This is where experience counts. Carpeting a boat is a lot different than carpeting a living room. Marine carpet needs to be a perfect fit; there's no floor molding to cover frayed or misaligned edges. What's more, this sort of flooring doesn't stretch the way residential or commercial carpeting stretches. You have to get it right the first time. As you can see, our guys nailed it.

Why We Don't Use Cheap Fabrics

Customers sometime ask why we only use marine grade fabric when upholstering boat interiors and cushions. The pics below help illustrate why. The first two show a standard grade red vinyl purchased by a customer to reupholster his boat cushions. The vinyl looks and feels great, but look what happened when we stitched through the material.

As you can see, the vinyl chipped around some of the thread holes. Adjusting thread tension didn't solve the problem. The vinyl face and thin backing on this fabric simply couldn't cut the mustard.

  • stitched fabric
    Standard Grade Vinyl
  • stitched fabric
    Fabric Tears
  • stitched fabric
    Marine Grade Vinyl
  • stitched fabric
    Flawless Stitching

The vinyl we use is more durable. Sewing this fabric into cushion covers was a breeze — the stitching turned out perfectly.

You'd think the better vinyl would cost more, but not in this case. Our superior quality marine grade vinyl turned out to be less expensive. So, be sure to contact us before buying lousy fabric from somebody else.

Eliminating Wrinkles

Our craftsmen fabricate marine cushions with the finest foams and fabrics. But, even using the best materials, wrinkles are inevitable.

Eliminating wrinkles is one of the biggest challenges we face when fabricating custom marine cushions. Steam is the best way to get the wrinkles out. This video shows we do it.

Quality In Every Detail

boat cushion detailGeneric boat cushions are easy to make. Fabricating premium quality, custom-fit boat cushions require the skills of a maritime upholstery craftsman. Here's an example of how pleasure boat cushions manufactured by Mac's are superior.

  • We only use durable, marine grade vinyl
  • Using two Velcro bands instead of one ensures cushions stay put even in rough seas
  • Seams are meticulously stitched using heavy-duty thread
  • To maximize air circulation, we drill a series of precision vent holes in the back of the cushion
  • Gusseted zipper pockets keep the zipper slider in place
  • Our premium quality upholstery and marine foams last years longer than standard foams

Recover Grady-White Cushions

If the owner of this Grady-White had waited any longer to fix the onboard cushions, it might have been too late. As you can see from the first two pics, the vinyl was already ripped to shreds and the foam was deteriorating.

  • recovering boat cover
    Damaged Bench Seat
  • recovering boat cover
    Damaged Boat Cushion
  • recovering boat cover
    Recovered Boat Cushion

recovered boat cushion
Recovered Boat Cusion For Grady-White Fishing Vessel

After repairing the damaged cushions with superior quality foam, we covered the cushions with marine-grade vinyl. Recreating the pleated backrest for the aft bench was a little tricky, but our craftsmen did a great job. They're the best in Seattle. As always, the reupholstered marine seats turned out great.

Bolstered Marine Cushions

Bolstered marine cushions are among the most difficult to upholster, especially when they're long and contoured. Not only are these Yamaha speedboat cushions hard to make, they require a fabric that's both tough and stretchable.

  • contoured cushion
    Cushion With Sharp Curves
  • wrinkled fabric
    Wrinkled Fabric Before Steam
  • smoothing cushions
    Steam Smooths The Fabric

Spradling Vinyl manufactures a fabric with a flexible backing. It's called Softside. Softside vinyl is durable and easy to shape. It's ideal for upholstering contoured cushions like these. There are nearly 300 colors and patterns. Here's a link to the company's website. The boat owner selected Zander Pearl Grey and Zander Ivory.

Even with the perfect fabric, upholstering a monster cushion with bold curves requires plenty of elbow grease. You have to make sure the fabric tension is evenly distributed then use lots of steam to smooth the wrinkles.

Beneteau Sailboat Settee

velcro fastenersHere's a striking example of how new upholstery can transform a run-of-the-mill salon sette into something extraordinary.

Compare the original settee from a 42 foot Beneteau sailboat to the new one beside it. Look closer and you'll discover subtle design improvements, beginning with the cushions.

We improved the seating deck by building a foam ridge into the edge. The foam ridge not only cups a passenger snugly into the seat, it lifts their legs a couple of inches, reducing lumbar strain. We also contoured or angle-cut the back cushions for added confort.

sette for sailboat
Main Salon Starboard Sette, 42 Foot Beneteau Sailboat

Rather than snap fasteners, we used velcro. Velcro allows more flexibility in cushion placement. The notches you see in the cushions accommodate an arm rest and a mast cable. They're engineered to fit like a glove.

As always, we use only the finest marine-grade foams and fabrics. For this settee, the boat owner selected striking Mediterreanean colors from Sunbrella's marine fabric collection.

The reupholstered settee is snug, looks great, and fits the salon perfectly. And thanks to our design improvements and craftsmanship, it'll last for years.

Using Design To Fight Mold & Mildew

Seattle's damp climate encourages mold and mildew. When you factor in all the nooks and crannies found aboard boats, controlling mold can be a real challenge. Mold is not only unsightly and destructive, it's a health hazard.

  • damaged boat seat
    Mold & Mildew Collect In Seams
  • designed boat seat
    Redesigning Cushion Cover
  • repair complete
    Sleek & Sanitary

If a boat owner can't keep a cushion dry, we recommend the next best thing – removing dark places where spores and grime collect.

One way to do that is by eliminating seams. In this case, we replace moldy tri-panel cushions with flat foam. Flat, symmetrical surfaces require fewer seams than something fancy. By removing seams, these freshly upholstered cushions not only look sleek, they now resist mold and mildew.

infinity luxury woven fabrics

If you're considering new boat carpeting or marine flooring, you might want to check-out a new product called Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl®. This stuff is truly amazing. It's not only beautiful, soft and flexible, but extremely durable. It features a unique, heavy-traffic rated backing system ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

This fabric is UV stable so it resists fading. Antimicrobial technology prevents bacterial growth. Soil and stains are easily cleaned reducing the long term maintenance expense compared to other floor covering options. We've posted pics of the current fabric collection below and we have samples at the shop. Here's a link to the manufacturer's website. Definitely worth looking into as a better alternative to marine carpeting.

Affordable Vinyl Decking Color 1 Affordable Vinyl Decking Color 2 AffdVnylDeck_1412_3 AffdVnylDeck_1412_4 AffdVnylDeck_1412_5 AffdVnylDeck_1412_6 AffdVnylDeck_1412_7 AffdVnylDeck_1412_8 AffdVnylDeck_1412_9 AffordTextPlus_HD_1421_1 AffordTextPlus_HD_1421_2 AffordTextPlus_HD_1421_3 AffordTextPlus_HD_1421_4 AffordTextPlus_HD_1421_5 AffordTextPlus_HD_1421_6 AffordTextPlus_HD_1421_7 AffordTextPlus_HD_1421_8 Bamboo_1419_1 Bamboo_1419_2 Bamboo_1419_3 Bamboo_1419_4 Bamboo_1419_5 Bamboo_1419_6 Bamboo_1419_7 BasketWeave_CC_1515_2 BasketWeave_HD_1415_1 BasketWeave_HD_1415_3 BasketWeave_HD_1415_4 BasketWeave_HD_1415_5 BetterThanTeak_1414 BetterThanTeak_1414_10 BetterThanTeak_1414_11 BetterThanTeak_1414_12 BetterThanTeak_1414_13 BetterThanTeak_1414_14 BetterThanTeak_1414_15 BetterThanTeak_1414_16 BetterThanTeak_1414_17 BetterThanTeak_1414_3 BetterThanTeak_1414_4 BetterThanTeak_1414_5 BetterThanTeak_1414_6 BetterThanTeak_1414_7 BetterThanTeak_1414_8 BetterThanTeak_1414_9 BetterThanTeak_1514_2 Boucle_1427_1 Boucle_1427_2 Boucle_1427_3 Boucle_1427_4 Boucle_1427_5 Boucle_1427_6 Diamond_CC_1511_2 Diamond_HD_1411_1 Diamond_HD_1411_10 Diamond_HD_1411_11 Diamond_HD_1411_3 Diamond_HD_1411_4 Diamond_HD_1411_5 Diamond_HD_1411_6 Diamond_HD_1411_7 Diamond_HD_1411_8 Diamond_HD_1411_9 GlitzGlamour_1416_1 GlitzGlamour_1416_2 GrassCloth_CC_1402_1 GrassCloth_CC_1502_2 GrassCloth_HD_1402_10 GrassCloth_HD_1402_3 GrassCloth_HD_1402_4 GrassCloth_HD_1402_5 GrassCloth_HD_1402_6 GrassCloth_HD_1402_7 GrassCloth_HD_1402_8 GrassCloth_HD_1402_9 LinenLux_1424_1 LinenLux_1424_2 LinenLux_1424_3 LinenLux_1424_4 LinenLux_1424_5 Raffia_1420_1 Raffia_1520_2 Rocco_1422_1 Rocco_1422_2 Rocco_1422_3 Rocco_1422_4 Seagrass_1409_1 Seagrass_1409_10 Seagrass_1409_11 Seagrass_1409_2 Seagrass_1409_3 Seagrass_1409_4 Seagrass_1409_5 Seagrass_1409_6 Seagrass_1409_7 Seagrass_1409_8 Seagrass_1409_9 Seagrass_1509_2 Tatami_1426_1 Tatami_1426_2 Tatami_1426_3 Tatami_1426_4 TeakSup_1425_1 TeakSup_1425_10 TeakSup_1425_11 TeakSup_1425_12 TeakSup_1425_13 TeakSup_1425_15 TeakSup_1425_16 TeakSup_1425_2 TeakSup_1425_3 TeakSup_1425_4 TeakSup_1425_5 TeakSup_1425_6 TeakSup_1425_7 TeakSup_1425_8 TeakSup_1425_9 TeakSup_II_CC_1528_2 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_1 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_10 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_11 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_12 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_13 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_14 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_15 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_16 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_17 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_18 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_19 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_20 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_3 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_4 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_5 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_6 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_7 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_8 TeakSup_II_HD_1428_9 TeakSupSolid_HD_1429_1 TeakSupSolid_HD_1429_2 TeakSupSolid_HD_1429_3 TeakSupSolid_HD_1429_4 TeakSupSolid_HD_1429_5 WickerWeave_1413_1 WickerWeave_1413_2 WickerWeave_1413_3 WickerWeave_1413_4 WickerWeave_1413_5

Standard Glue Down & Snap Carpet Styles & Colors

standard_4926_Charcoal_Final standard_f1604_midnight_navy Aluminum standard_F1635_Sand standard_F1643_Granite_HeatherFINAL standard_f1693_burgundy standard_f1828_taupe standard_F2255_Flagstone_w_Logo standard_F3750_Suede_w_Logo standard_F3751_Sterling_1_w_Logo standard_f4908_santana standard_f4922_riviera_red standard_f4960_iris standard_F6854_Cobalt_FINAL standard_Greystone_copy_2 standard_Mariner_Blue_5.31 standard_r4905_soft_grey standard_r6898_new_sterling standard_Sandstone_5.24 standard_Sapphire_6.10 standard_Taupestone_5.31 standard_2036_Camel standard_3750_Suede__Final standard_6898_New_Sterling_Final standard_Black_Pearl_w_Logo standard_Carbonite_w_Logo standard_Flax_w_Logo standard_FS4711_TeakFusion standard_Lt_Mica_Mist_5.31 standard_Mariner_Blue_5.31 standard_Moonshine_5.31 standard_Oasis_w_Logo standard_r2054_royal_blue standard_r2402_charcoal standard_r2486_ash standard_r2861_teak_straight_copy standard_r3751_sterling_0 standard_R4602_TeakFusion_Black standard_r4905_soft_grey standard_R4908_Santana_1 standard_r4922_riviera_red_0 standard_r4926_charcoal_0 standard_r4960_iris standard_r6302_desert_sand standard_r6307_silver_mist standard_R7851_Tiffany_small standard_Thunder_Grey_w_Logo standard_U1312_Napa_Silver_final standard_U1313_Solar_Tan_final standard_U1414_Natural_Teak_final standard_U1415_Grey_Teak standard_U1522_Solstice_Granite_final standard_U1522_Solstice_Sandbar_final Titanium_Aquafusion_5