Sunroof Repair & Maintenance

Our sunroof repair and sunroof maintenance experts are the best in Seattle. We fix leaking sunroofs, repair sunroof motors, replace sunroof glass and repair sunroofs that won't open or close. Compare our prices with other Seattle shops!

Repair Sunroofs & Repair Leaking Sunroofs

sunroofOur skilled technicians fix leaking and damaged sunroofs year round. If your sunroof won't open or close, give us a call. We repair most major sunroof brands including OEM models and aftermarket sunroofs manufactured by Inalfa, Webasto and others.

Please note we repair sunroofs, we do not sell sunroof parts and we do not install new sunroofs.

Repair Broken Sunroof

If you own a car with a sunroof it's probably going to cause headaches at some point. Seals go bad, drains clog, the glass breaks, motors quit working. The problem always seems to happen when the sunroof is stuck in the open position and it's about to rain.

Most sunroofs work pretty much the same way, but different brands are engineered differently. You have to take that into account when hunting for a sunroof repair specialist. Without proper training and experience things can go wrong in a hurry. Our technicians are the best.

sunroof types

Types of After-Market Sunroofs

Here's a rundown of the commonly available after-market sunroof styles manufactured by Hollandia and SolAire.

A Hollandia 300 Full Feature Spoiler Sunroof offers quality and innovation for any new vehicle. Because of its innovative design, the Hollandia 300 provides an extremely large opening for even the smallest car or truck, adding sporty styling and open air freedom. See how the spoiler with sporty style makes the sky come alive.

The Hollandia 100 Pop-Up offers you open-air comfort at an affordable price. The classic pop-up sunroof is classically appealing with its modern design and ease of operation. It's suitable for almost any type of car.

The Hollandia 400 Folding Sunroof is as close as you can get to a convertible. This dynamic folding-fabric sunroof lets you and your car stand out in a crowd. Electrically operated, the Hollandia 400 can be opened at the touch of a button to any desired position.

  • sunroof repair
  • sunroof repair
  • sunroof repair
  • sunroof repair

The ways of opening the Hollandia 500 Panorama are as individual as the sunroof itself. The two elegant panorama panels for the front and rear can be operated individually. A very comfortable system that brings fresh air, light and a panorama view.

The Hollandia 700-III Inbuilt Style 1 offers three available sizes to fit nearly any vehicle. The inbuilt sunroofs are a value addition to your vehicle. Innovative design and quality manufacturing combine to create a beautiful and practical sunroof. Each Hollandia 700-III Entry sunroof matches the look and finish of the vehicle's exterior and blends into the interior for a sophisticated finish. The panel vents to let in fresh air or opens fully to let in sunshine.

The SolAire 4300 Standard Inbuilt Style 2 sunroof is a value addition to your vehicle. Innovative design and quality manufacturing combine to create a beautiful and practical sunroof. Each SolAire 4300 sunroof matches the look and finish of the vehicle's exterior and interior, with a professional installed custome appearance.


Replace Prius Sunroof

You wouldn't think a five year old Prius would have sunroof problems, but this one did. The rubber seal around the glass buckled, twisted and eventually came off. And this isn't the first time we've seen this problem on a Prius. It's even become a thread on a Prius owners chat site.

  • leaking prius sunroof
    Old Pruis Sunroof
  • leaking prius sunroof
    Detached Sunroof Seals
  • leaking prius sunroof
    Install New Prius Sunroof

When this sort of thing happens you can't just glue the seal back on or attach a new one. The most cost-effective way to resolve the problem is to install a brand new sunroof plate. We expect to be replacing more of these Prius sunroof seals. At the time of this writing, Toyota is not reimbursing owners for failing sunroof seals.


Broken Sunroof Slider

Customers often ask why sunroofs go bad when – in a climate like Seattle's – they're rarely open. The simple answer is that sunroofs are made to be used. The mechanism that opens and closes the sunroof can seize up or corrode when it's stuck in one position for long periods of time.

Making matters worse, many of today's more complicated sunroof mechanisms are manufactured using cheap parts. Cheap parts don't last. Case in point, the plastic slider clip on some Mazda Tributes. This one (below left) snapped with the sunroof half open.

  • broken sunroof
    Broken Slider
  • broken sunroof
    Replacement Slider
  • broken sunroof
    Installing Repaired Sunroof

Repairing this sort of damage is not easy. The entire sunroof mechanism needs to be removed to replace the broken slider clip. In this instance, the replacement clips are much sturdier than the original ones, so the owner should not experience the problem again. Why didn't the carmakers use better clips during the manufacturing process? You know the answer to that.

Because cheap parts break more easily, it's a good idea to have your sunroof mechanism cleaned and lubricated once a year. Call us to schedule your annual sunroof inspection and maintenance.


Sunroof Leak Repair

A customer recently pulled into our shop complaining of a sunroof leak in their Toyota van. Trouble is, the Sienna Rampvan was equipped with two sunroofs and they weren't sure which one was leaking. After testing both mechanisms, we discovered the problem. It was in the forward sunroof. The factory sealant had deteriorated and there was debris on the rails preventing the glass from fully closing.

  • leaking sunroof
    Repair Leaking Sunroof
  • leaking sunroof
    Bad Factory Sealant
  • leaking sunroof
    Unknown Debris Prevents Closure

After removing the debris, we cleaned the sunroof rails then applied new sealant. The van — now tight as a drum — was back in the customer's driveway in the blink of an eye.


Replace Leaking Sunroof

Aging sunroofs are often to blame for water leaks. In many cases, cleaning the drains, rails and operating mechanism will elminate the leak. But, old sunroofs are notoriously fragile. There comes a time when repairing one isn't cost-effective. At that point, a car owner can either install a replacement sunroof or permanently seal the old one.

  • Broken Sunroof Won't Close
    Old Sunroof Won't Close
  • Old Sunroof Removed From Car
    Damaged Sunroof Removed From Car
  • Replacement Sunroof Installed
    Replacement Sunroof Installed

Replacing a damaged sunroof is time-consuming, but pretty straightforward. The tricky part is finding one that fits. Car makers stock OEM replacement parts for roughly ten years after a car is manufactured. Finding parts for an older car, such as this Acura, can be difficult. Fortunately, we were able to track down a working sunroof salvaged from another Acura. It was in great shape and it fit like a glove.