Shipping Containers For Storage

Shipping container storage units are perfect for storing all kinds of stuff. Our partners at Bridge Outside Storage (206-204-2222) maintain a growing number of water tight storage shipping containers in their secure lot. They offer low rates for outside storage in these steel containers.

24/7 Easy Access Shipping Containers For Storage

Four Shipping Containers
Four Shipping Containers For Storage

Our steel shipping containers are rugged, watertight and easy to access. You can even use your own padlock to secure the container.

Are you stuck with boxes of old records, office equipment, odds and ends from the attic, Christmas displays, or out-of-season sports gear? Are you a contractor hunting for extra space to keep your tools or construction supplies safe? Does your business need a place to keep excess product inventory or receipts? Is your garage turning into the neighborhood junkyard?

containersShipping Container Storage Shed

Why spend money to build and maintain a storage shed of your own? These shipping container storage units are perfect for all sorts of things; even motorcycles, small cars or ultralight aircraft. You can drive right up to the container any day of the week, any hour of the day. Give us a call to reserve your space.

These unheated storage shipping containers come in three ideal sizes. The small ones are eight feet by eighteen feet with more than 850 square feet of storage space. The middle size is eight by twenty with more than 950 square feet of space. The large ones are eight by twenty-eight with 1300 square feet of space.

These shipping containers are centrally located under the Ballard Bridge in Seattle. The lot is fenced and secured with an electronic keypad. For further details, please visit Seattle Shipping Container Storage.