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Carbon Fiber Automotive Seat Heater

Carbon Fiber Automotive Seat Heater
Price: $64.98 - $124.95

This retrofit seat heater system gives you all features you'd expect from an original equipment manufacturer. The application of carbon technology ensures the even spread of warmth to both the seat back and cushion. Feel comfortable in minutes. The carbon fiber design provides flexibility and strength. Thermostats in each panel ensure quick, even heat, and the heat generating panel can be cut to fit virtually all trim styles.

Engineered and manufactured by the global leader in automotive seat heating, Carbon Fiber Seat Heaters provide a technical as well as quality advantage over other seat heater kits currently on the market. The felt construction of the woven panels ensures that the heater will not physically break down or tear apart with use. Extensive occupant testing to OEM automotive specifications has demonstrated the superior level of safety and strength of these panels.

Carbon Fiber Advantages

The use of carbon fiber provides many advantages of wire panels used in other seat heater kits. The carbon fiber pattern, resistance, heat dissipation, heating filament and heat density are all engineered to provide the highest level of performance and safety. The carbon fiber panel can be cut to adapt to individual seats or pull pieces - a feature that is not available with wire panels.

Thermostats and Switches

Comfort Seat Heaters operate with one thermostat in each panel. This is done to ensure comfort and to prevent excessive heat buildup. The thermostats are creep action (as oppose to snap action) which provides superior heat control. They are sealed to ensure that they are waterproof. Attaching wires are flexible to prevent breakage. These thermostats provide extra insurance that the seat cannot get hot enough to result in a fire. Switches and wire harnesses are also of the highest quality.

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