New Convertible Tops & Top Repair

Mac's Auto Upholstery repairs and replaces convertible car tops, Jeep convertible tops, car covers, roll bar pads and bras. Our convertible top installers are the best in town! They're specially trained to repair tears, repair convertible top rear windows, and install new back windows for convertibles.

Seattle's Convertible Top Experts Since 1948

We install convertible tops. We also repair convertible tops, leaking tops and damaged rear windows on convertibles. We'll patch your top for free when you file an insurance claim or purchase a replacement convertible top from Mac's.

improper top installation If you're interested in a new Mustang top, Boxster top or Porsche convertibe top replacement, give us a call. Same goes for Mercedes convertible top replacement, a new BMW top, Mazda convertible top, VW top, or a new Sebring convertible top.

Mac's installs and repairs all makes and models, both domestic and foreign. Click here for a list of convertible car tops we sell and install. Before ordering a replacement top, it's important to appreciate the difference between trained convertible top technicians and cut-rate installers.

Convertible Tops For Sale

Cut-rate outfits quote low prices, but those prices don't include the often substantial cost of repairing the damage they do. Take a look at pictures of these clumsy discount installations (above). The discount installers botched them so badly, the car owners were forced to toss the tops, buy new ones and start all over. The discount jobs ended up costing a lot more than a professional, warranty-backed installation. Don't roll the dice on something as complicated as installing a new convertible top.

Do NOT Wash Your Convertible in a Drive-Through Car Wash

Car wash operators will tell you it's okay, but based on our experience a drive through car wash damages a convertible top, especially if it has a plastic window in back. You may not notice it after a couple of passes, but the heavy equipment inside the washing tunnel stretches the top's fabric. It also scratches, yellows and delaminates plastic windows. It's better to wash it at home or use one of those self-serve car washes.

Convertible Top Rain Gutters

A rain gutter is a ridge of fabric sewn into a convertible top just above the window. Rain gutters are a clever, unobtrusive means of channeling water away from an open door. With rain gutters, you don't have to worry about getting drenched when exiting a car in a downpour — accumulated water drains away from the open door.

  • convterible top rain gutter
    Top Without Rain Gutter
  • convterible top rain gutter
    Top With Rain Gutter

Many replacement tops are available with rain gutters. They cost a little more than standard tops and take a bit longer to manufacture, but in our climate they make sense. Ask us about rain gutters when it's time for a replacement top.

stainless steel staples

Soft Top Rear Window Replacement

Do you need a new glass or plastic back window for your convertible? Is your back window cracked? Maybe the plastic is so foggy you can't see through it anymore. Many times we can save you money by replacing a plastic back window instead of installing a brand new top. We saved the owner of this Porsche Boxster Top (below) a ton of money by sewing in a replacement window instead of replacing the top. Stop by one of our shops and let us examine your top or window. We'll suggest convertible top window repair or rear window replacement options.

  • damaged rear window
    Damaged Boxster Top
  • damaged rear window
    Cracked Plastic Rear Window
  • Convertible Top Repair
    Convertible Top Repair

Frame & Motor Convertible Top Repair

Mac's also repairs convertible top mechanisms: convertible top motors (electric and hydraulic), cylinders, hoses, switches, frames, weather stripping, boots and more. If your convertible top won't open or it's stuck, give us a call. Many times it's a simple fix.

  • convertible motor repair
    Convertible Top Motor Repair
  • convertible motor repair
    Repair Convertible Top Motor
  • convertible motor repair
    Fix Broken Convertible Top

New Convertible Top Fabrics & Colors

Replacement tops for most convertibles come in a range of colors, textures, window styles and prices. Sonnenland®, Twillfast®, Stayfast®, Grain Vinyl & Sailcloth Vinyl — each fabric and window style has advantages. You'll find examples in the charts below. Drop by our Ballard showroom to view samples and discover which top is best for your car.

Sonnenland® A5 Convertible Tops

Sonnenland® A5 tops are high-end composite fabric tops. They're the "original German top" found on Porsches and Mercedes Benz convertibles. The fabric is a three-ply laminate made of an acrylic or polyester twill weave outer fabric, rubber inner layer and a polyester or cotton dobby backing. In addition to Porsche and Mercedes tops, Sonnenland® is often used in the manufacture of original Saab convertible tops, Volvo and Jaguar soft tops. Sonnenland® A5 aftermarket tops are available for many deluxe convertibles. They come in a range of styles, acoustic characteristics and colors, including:

sonneland alpaca
sonneland black
sonneland blue
sonneland Bordeaux
sonneland space
sonneland brown
sonneland cream
sonneland green
sonneland grey
sonneland tan
sonneland indigo
sonneland jive
sonneland metropol
sonneland orion
sonneland grey

Sonnenland® tops cost more than standard tops, but most agree they're worth the extra expense. These premium tops look better, fit better and perform longer than standard vinyl tops.

Twillfast® Convertible Tops

Twillfast® fabric is used to manufacture original tops for high performance convertibles including: Aston Martin, Corvette, Audi 80 Cabriolet, BMW 3 Series Cabriolet, Jaguar XK8, Opel Astra, BMW Roadster and Dodge Viper. Twillfast® tops come in three-ply and five-ply styles. They feature attractive polyester or cotton blend backings. Weave characteristics and weight are adjusted for acoustic performance.

These tops are rated "superior" for their U.V. resistance, weatherability and durability. Most of all, they look great. A Twillfast® top is perfect if you're looking to upgrade from vinyl to something more sophisticated. The fabric's rich textures add a touch of elegance to any car.

twillfast beige
Dark Beige
twillfast black
twillfast blue
twillfast beige
twillfast brown
twillfast oak
twillfast green
Euro Green
twillfast parchment
twillfast tan
twillfast pebble
twillfast taupe
twillfast teif

Tops fabricated from Twillfast® fabric generally cost less than premium Sonnenland® A5 convertible tops. At the same time, they're usually more expensive than tops manufactured from Stayfast® material.

Stayfast® Convertible Tops

Stayfast® is an acrylic-based fabric. Durable and attractive, this three-ply laminated fabric has an acrylic square weave face, rubber inner-layer, and filament polyester back. It's usually fused to black or tan cotton backing. Because the outer fabric maintains its color so well, Stayfast® has become well accepted in the demanding antique car restoration field.

Logo Red
dark beige
Dark Beige

If you need to replace a convertible top, Stayfast® is an excellent, mid-priced choice. You can order a Firebird top, a Sebring top or just about any soft top in Stayfast®.

RC Grain Vinyl & Sailcloth Vinyl Convertible Tops

RC Grain and Sailcloth are both textured vinyls with polyester/cotton backings. A lot of Mustang and Sebring tops are originally manufactured in Sailcloth. Volkswagen and Miata OEM tops are usually made from RC Grain. Vinyl tops are available for most convertibles in a full range of colors, including:

black sailcloth convertible top
buckskin sailcloth convertible top
saddle sailcloth convertible top
white sailcloth convertible top
quartz sailcloth convertible top
sandalwood sailcloth convertible top
camel sailcloth convertible top
camel-gray sailcloth convertible top
parchment sailcloth convertible top
stone sailcloth convertible top

Give us a call or drop by Mac's Upholstery; we'll help you find the top that's best for your car and the type of driving you do.

XJS Replacement Top

Replacing a standard convertible top is never easy. Installing a replacement top for a Jaguar XJS is especially challenging. Like a lot of luxury convertibles, an XJS top is equipped with an insulation pad between the headliner and the exterior top.

  • xls replacement top
    Decayed Jaguar XJS Pad
  • xls replacement top
    Rear Curtain (Window) Removed
  • xls replacement top
    Installing New Pad Above Headliner
  • xls replacement top
    Trimming Convertible Top Pad Liner
  • xls replacement top
    Rear Curtain (Window) Installed
  • xls replacement top
    New Jaguar XJS Replacement Top Installed

This '93 Jag came to us for a replacement top. When we stripped off the old one we discovered the car needed more than a new top. The insulation pad was shot, the fabric cover had disintegrated, and the glue holding everything together had failed. This sort of damage is pretty common in a 25 year old top.

After rebuilding the pad and fabric, the replacement top fit like a glove.

Replacing Spray-Painted Top

We don't recommend it, but it's possible to change the color of your convertible top using spray ink or spray paint. It's a tricky DIY procedure since you have to use several coats of the correct dye and tape everything just right to avoid a mess. What's more, it's nearly impossible to succesfully spray a light color over a dark top.

Here's an example of somebody who did it the right way. He sprayed black dye on a white top. You can see the original color in the bottom two pics. It made the old top look brand new for a short time, but it didn't extend its life. All tops eventually break down.

  • new top for cobra
    Removing Old Cobra Top
  • new top for cobra
    Rusted Header Bow
  • new top for cobra
    Spray Painted Convertible Top
  • new top for cobra
    Torn Well Liner

When it was time to replace the old top we discovered a few small rips along the rear well liner and a rusty header bow in front. This is typical wear and tear; none of the damage appeared to be the result of the color change procedure.

Before installing the replacement top we repaired the header bow. Some shops would simply paint the header and call it good. We do it the right way; we grind the rust off, fix what needs to be fixed, then repaint it.

With the header bow spick-and-span, we installed the new replacement top -- a black one; no color change necessary.

T-Bird Top Slashed

At first glance, this looks like a garden variety slash-n-grab — some jackass rips the top, snatches valuables in the back and speeds off. Sadly, this is not the first time this top's been knifed. It's not even the second time. This Thunderbird convertible has been slashed a grand total of three times during the past few months. This is serial vandalism, plain and simple.

  • torn t-bird top
    Vandalized T-Bird Top
  • torn t-bird top
    New Thunderbird Convertible Top
  • torn t-bird top
    Replacement Thunderbird Top Installed

Vandalism is always a risk when you own a ragtop. We work directly with insurance companies on this sort of thing all the time. Comprehensive policies usually cover repairs. So, if this ever happens to you, be sure to check your insurance before calling us. We'll take it from there.

Replacing Shredded Convertible Top

This VW Cabrio raised a few eyebrows when it pulled into our parking lot. Was it a stunt car from an old Freddy Krueger flick or a car share for a coven of werewolves? More to the point, does a convertible top this badly shredded even qualify as a top? Needless to say, this mess was beyond repair. Even if we could've fixed it, the repair would've cost more than the car. The only thing worth salvaging was the rear window.

  • New Top For VW Cabrio Convertible
    Shredded Top
  • New Top For VW Cabrio Convertible
    Rear Window Still Good
  • New Top For VW Cabrio Convertible
    Before Removing Old Top
  • New Top For VW Cabrio Convertible
    Old Top Removed
  • New Top For VW Cabrio Convertible
    New Top Before Window Installation
  • New Top For VW Cabrio Convertible
    New Top With Old Window

With the glass still in good shape, we recommended a Robbins top specifically engineered to fit the OEM window. Robbins is a leading manufacturer of premium convertible tops, but they also carry a line of budget-priced vinyl tops ideal for this Cabrio. The owner switched from white to black to better hide road grime. The replacement top was perfect. Better yet, the window from the old top fit like a glove.

Patching Jeep Top

If your convertible top is damaged we'll patch it free of charge when you order a replacement top. The temporary patch is designed to keep you dry until the new top arrives; patches are rarely an acceptable long term fix. But, rarely does not mean never. A patch turned out to be the best way to repair this Jeep's ragtop.

  • repairing jeep top
    Jeep With Damaged Top
  • repairing jeep top
    Cigarette Burn In Top
  • repairing jeep top
    Preparing Patch

We suggested a patch instead of a new top for several reasons. Aside from the damage — a small cigarette burn — the top was still in good shape. The damage was limited to a flat section of fabric where a small patch would not wear out. What's more, the owner wasn't concerned that a patch might look cheesy.

  • repairing jeep top
    Prepping Damaged Section
  • repairing jeep top
    Cementing Patch To Top
  • repairing jeep top
    Silicon Coating

To minimize strain on the patch, we rounded the corners and applied it from the inside. Stitching isn't necessary; the heavy duty rubber cement we use is strong enough to anchor it. A silicon dressing waterproofs the repair from the outside.

In most cases, patching a convertible top is a bad idea. In this case it worked out fine. The patch not only sealed the damage, it saved the owner a ton of money.

Some Rear Windows Can't Be Replaced

In many cases you can replace a convertible top's rear window without replacing the entire top. This approach is especially handy if a window's been vandalized, but the rest of the top is still in good shape. Window replacement is possible on many domestic convertibles; their tops often come in two pieces, the main section and the rear curtain.

While it's possible for many domestic cars, it's not an option for most European convertibles.

  • vw 2003 convertible
    2003 VW Convertible
  • vw 2003 convertible
    Delaminated Rear Window
  • vw 2003 convertible
    Delaminated Seam
  • vw 2003 convertible
    Delaminated Seam
  • vw 2003 convertible
    New Top With Rear Window
  • vw 2003 convertible
    Perfect Seam

Today's Volkswagen convertibles, for example, are manufactured with one piece tops. When the rear window on this 2003 Bug delaminated, the owner wondered if it was possible to simply reattach the glass. Unfortunately, properly "relaminating" the rear window of a convertible isn't possible. You simply can't duplicate the manufacturing process. What's more, when a rear window delaminates it's only a matter of time before the rest of the top goes bad. The best thing to do is replace the top.

Replace Glass With Glass

Most convertibles are manufactured with either a glass rear window or a plastic one. It's one or the other; you don't get a choice. Mustangs and Miatas are different. If the plastic window in your Miata cracks, you can usually upgrade to glass or vice versa.

As a general rule, we discourage customers from the "vice versa" option. Plastic windows may be cheaper, but they're a poor substitute for glass. Plastic cracks, scratches and often fogs after a few years — not to mention how difficult it can be to defrost a plastic rear window.

  • mustang convertible window
    Broken Rear Mustang Window
  • mustang convertible window
    Replace Broken Rear Window

The owner of this Mustang pulled into our shop with a shattered rear window. He could've opted for a plastic replacement, but he made the right choice. He kept it glass. Replacing glass with a low performance plastic window would've diminished the value of his car and made driving a little less enjoyable. And in case you're wondering, it's been our experience that plastic is much easier than glass to vandalize.

Back To The Original Color

Often times a car owner doesn't realize how badly their convertible top has deteriorated until the replacement top goes on.

Here's a great example. Check out the first two pics. They show a VW Bug on the day it arrived at Mac's. The owner wanted a new top because the old one was ripped in places. Fortunately, the damage was the result of normal wear, not vandalism. The owner selected an OEM style top that matched the original. When the replacement top arrived (bottom pics), the color seemed a little off. Actually, the color seemed a lot off. Then we looked closer at the old top.

  • old VW convertible top
    Old VW Convertible Top
  • old VW convertible top
    Torn Side and Rear Panels
  • old VW convertible top
    New VW Convertible Top
  • old VW convertible top
    Flawless Installation

The old top was so badly stained from years of road grime, it was unrecognizable. In addition to being torn, the top had effectively turned a different color. The color change was dramatic, but incremental, so the owner never noticed it. The replacement top is the way it's supposed to look — clean and bright. It's amazing how much better a convertible looks with a brand new top.

Repair Hidden Convertible Top Damage

damaged header bow

Often times when a convertible top goes bad, it needs more than new fabric. The frame, rain rail, water seals and dozens of other parts need just as much attention. Here's an example of wear and tear commonly found on older tops, such as this 2001 Mustang.

The header bow is the primary component that joins the convertible top to the windshield. It's usually manufactured from something called "pot metal" — an inexpensive die cast aluminum-zinc alloy. While pot metal doesn't rust, it can oxidize if the paint peels off.

There's also a tack strip on the flip side of the header bow where you fasten the convertible top fabric. The tack strip tends to crack over time, which can compromise the fit of the top.

  • damaged header bow
    Header Bow Repainted
  • damaged header bow
    New Pop Rivets Secure Tack Strip
  • damaged header bow
    Repaired Header Bow

Before installing the new top, we repaired the hidden damage on the header bow. We prepped, primed and painted the pot metal, then fixed the tack strip with a handful of pop rivets. These are the sort of minor repairs which improve the fit and performance of your new convertible top.

New Top For Classic Fiat

At first glance, this mid-sixties ragtop is a dead ringer for the tiny Sunbeam in the old TV series "Get Smart". But, as Maxwell Smart might say, "Missed it by that much." This is not Agent 86's Sunbeam Tiger equipped to battle the evil forces of KAOS; it's a mild mannered Fiat Cabriolet. Easy to mistake the two. Both were manufactured at roughly the same time. Both are about the same size. And both are now collector cars.

  • fiat cabriolet
    1965 Fiat Cabriolet
  • fiat cabriolet
    New Top For Fiat Cabriolet
  • fiat cabriolet
    Tight As A Drum

Even a carefully maintained covertible top on a collector car eventually wears out. Fortunately, a well-crafted replacement top for this popular model is still available. In addition to the new top, we installed a brand new carpet set. The owner drove away from the shop in a vintage sports car that looked brand new.

Convertible Top Replacement For Classic Corvettes

Few American cars are more revered than a mid-sixties Corvette Stingray. General Motors hit a home run when it redesigned and re-engineered the Corvette in 1963. Now half a century old, the '63 Corvette Stingray remains a favorite of car collectors worldwide. One of them asked us to restore the top for his cherry red '63 convertible.

Convertible car tops on these Corvettes operate manually. The cloth top and rear plastic curtain are attached to a sturdy accordion frame. To drop the top you simply fold the top frame assembly into a compartment behind the seats.

  • top removed from corvette
    1963 Corvette Sans Top
  • powder coated frame
    Powder-Coated Top Frame
  • Convertible Top Repairs
    Convertible Top Repairs

This Corvette's top frame needed work. Before doing anything else, we removed the top frame assembly and applied a glossy, protective powder coating. Then we installed new seals and fastners. Once the frame assembly was back in place, our convertible top guys went to work installing a brand new cloth top from Gahh Automotive.

  • Convertible Top Installation
    Convertible Top Installation
  • Corvette Convertible Top
    Corvette Convertible Top
  • Convertible Top Replacement
    Convertible Top Replacement

The cloth top on a Stingray is smaller than many convertibles. You might think a small top would be easier than a large one to install. In fact, the opposite is often true. Every car has quirks, especially older models. Accommodating these differences requires that each cloth or vinyl top be hand-fitted; a process that requires the fabric be steamed or stretched into place. There's less fabric in a small top so there's not as much "give".

With the top installed, we test and tweak the frame to make sure the assembly folds smoothly when the top is down. Tops manufactured by industry leader Gahh are guaranteed for a minimum of three years. Count on this one to last a lot longer...

  • 1962 Convertible Top
    New Convertible Top For Corvette
  • 1962 Convertible Top
    CRC Corvette
  • 1962 Convertible Top
    Replacement Convertible Top
  • 1962 Convertible Top
    CRC Corvette With New Convertible Top

...and in case you're wondering what the Corvette looked like before it was redesigned, check out the pics above. This black CRC Corvette replica was patterned after the classic 1962 model, the final year of the four-eyed 'Vette. As you can see, the replacement convertible top we installed fits like a glove.

A "New Car" For Pennies On The Dollar

When a car's interior is trashed and the convertible top damaged, it's tempting to buy a brand new car. But, what if the odometer reads eighty thousand miles or less and the car still runs fine? For the cost of a few car payments, the convertible top installers at Mac's Upholstery will put on a brand new replacement top, recover the auto upholstery and add seat heaters.

This 1999 Miata Convertible illustrates how it works.

  • Damaged Car Upholstery
    Damaged Car Upholstery

  • Repaired Seat With Heating Pad

  • Mazda Convertible Top

  • New Covers & Heater Controls

The car owner selected a state-of-the-art vinyl convertible top manufactured by industry leader Robbins Tops. Mac's Upholstery is a preferred installer for Robbins Convertible Tops, so we were able to get him the best price and guarantee convertible top installation. Before installing a Katzkin interior kit to replace the old auto upholstery, the seats needed repair. Most of the foam was still in good shape, so we saved money by limiting foam restoration to a section of the driver's side seat.

We were then able to save the customer an addition $150 by installing two seat heaters before putting on the car seat covers. There were additional savings because -- in this car -- we could place the heater control button in the center console at no additonal charge.

A new Miata can easily cost more than $25,000. This "almost new Miati" costs a fraction of that.

Replace Convertible Back Window & Save Money

Sometimes when a convertible leaks water, the top is not the problem. For example, water pooling in the rear compartment of this Mustang (below) had nothing to do with the top. After running a series of diagnostic tests, we discovered that a seam had detached from the glass curtain assembly. The rear window was to blame, not the top.

If the damage is limited, a temporary convertible top patch may work for a while. In most cases, it's necessary to replace the entire convertible glass window curtain assembly to protect the frame and automotive upholstery.

  • Convertible Glass Window
    Glass Rear Window
  • window seam detached
    Detached Window Seam
  • hole in seam
    Hole In Seam
  • removing back window
    Back Window Assembly
  • Rear Window Assembly
    Rear Glass Window Assembly
  • water tight corner
    Properly Sealed Corner
  • new rear window
    Mustang Top
  • water tight seam
    Rear Window Replacement

Replacing the rear window is almost as time-consuming as replacing the entire top. To begin with, it's not just the window you're replacing. The entire rear assembly needs to be removed from the convertible frame one step at a time. This is a tricky, labor-intensive process. When installing the new curtain assembly, it's important to precisely attach and seal all the components. If it's not done just right, there's a danger of new water leaks.

In the end, we saved the customer hundreds of dollars by replacing the rear window assembly instead of the entire convertible top.

Popular Convertible Tops For Sale

    Buick Convertible Tops
    buick convertible tops
  • 1959-60 Electra, Invicta, LeSabre
  • 1961-64 Electra, Invicta, LeSabre, Wildcat
  • 1965-70 LeSabre, Wildcat, Electra
  • 1971-76 LeSabre, Centurion
  • 1962-63 Special, Skylark
  • 1964-65 Special, Skylark, Grand Sport
  • 1966-67 Special, Skylark, Grand Sport
  • 1968-72 Special, Skylark, Grand Sport
  • 1983-86 Buick Riviera
    Cadillac Convertible Tops
    cadillac convertible tops
  • 1959-60 Cadillac
  • 1961-64 Cadillac Eldorado
  • 1965-70 Cadillac Eldorado, Coup de Ville
  • 1971-76 Cadillac Eldorado
  • 1978-79 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
  • 1980-85 Cadillac Eldorado
  • 1986-87 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
  • 1987-93 Cadillac Allante
    Chevrolet Convertible Tops
    chevrolet convertible tops
  • 1955-57 Chevrolet Belair
  • 1958 Chevrolet Impala
  • 1961-65 Chevrolet Impala
  • 1965-70 Chevrolet Impala, Caprice
  • 1971-76 Chevrolet Impala, Caprice
  • 1962-63 Chevy II, Nova
  • 1964-65 Chevrolet Chevelle, Malibu
  • 1966-67 Chevrolet Chevelle, Malibu
  • 1968-72 Chevrolet Chevelle, Malibu
    Camaro Tops, Cavalier & Celebrity
    chevrolet convertible tops
  • 1962-64 Corvair, Monza Spyder
  • 1965-69 Chevrolet Corvair, Monza, Corsa
  • 1967-70 Chevrolet Camaro Top
  • 1987-88 Chevrolet (A.S.C.) Camaro, Z28
  • 1988-91 Chevrolet (A.S.C.) Camaro, Z28
  • 1990-93 Chevrolet (A.S.C.) Camaro, Z28
  • 1994-02 Camaro Convertible Tops
  • 2012-15 Camaro Tops
    Corvette Convertible Tops
    chevrolet convertible tops
  • 1953-55 Corvette
  • 1956-58 Corvette
  • 1959-60 Corvette
  • 1961-62 Corvette
  • 1963-67 Corvette Sting Ray
  • 1968-75 Corvette Sting Ray
  • 1968-75 Corvette Sting Ray
  • 1968-75 Corvette Sting Ray
  • 1986-93 Corvette C4
  • 1994-96 Corvette C4
  • 1998-04 Corvette C5
  • 2005- Corvette C6
    Chrysler, Sebring Convertible Tops
    chrysler convertible tops
  • 1963-64 Chrysler Newport, 300
  • 1965-66 Chrysler Newport, 300
  • 1967-68 Chrysler Newport, 300
  • 1997-70 Chrysler Newport, 300
  • 1982-83 LeBaron Convertible Top
  • 1984-86 LeBaron Convertible Top
  • 1987-95 LeBaron Convertible Top
  • 1996-00 Chrysler Sebring, Stratus
  • 2001-06 Chrysler Sebring Top, Stratus
  • 2004- Chrysler PT Cruiser
  • 2008- Sebring Convertible Tops
  • 2008 - Chrysler Convertible Top
    Dodge Convertible Tops
    dodge convertible tops
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  • 1965-66 Dodge Polara
  • 1967-68 Dodge Polara
  • 1969-70 Dodge Polara
  • 1966 Dodge Coronet
  • 1967-70 Dodge Coronet
  • 1970-71 Dodge Challenger
  • 1982-83 Dodge 400
  • 1984-86 Dodge 600
  • 1991-93 Dodge Shadow
    Ford Convertible Tops
    ford convertible tops
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  • 1963 Ford Galaxie, XL
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  • 1967-68 Ford Galaxie, LTD
  • 1966-67 Ford Fairlane
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  • 1969-72 Ford Galaxie, LTD
  • 1983-91 Ford Escort
  • 1991-97 Ford Escort
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    ford convertible tops
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  • 1957 Ford Thunderbird
  • 1957 Ford Thunderbird Tonneau Cover
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  • 1961-63 Ford Thunderbird
  • 1964-67 Ford Thunderbird
  • 2001-05 Ford Thunderbird
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    ford convertible tops
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  • 2005- Mustang One-Piece Top
    geo convertible tops
  • 1990-93 Geo Metro (USA), Suzuki Swift (Europe), Cultus (Japan), Chevrolet Sprint, Pontiac Firefly (Canada)
  • 1983-94 Suzuki Samurai (U.S.A.) Suzuki SJ413, Santana SJ413 (Europe) Suzuki Sierra (Australia)
  • 1989-94 Geo Tracker, Suzuki Sidekick; Suzuki Vitara, (Europe & Australia)
  • 1995-98 Geo/Chevy Tracker, Suzuki Sidekick,(Vitara in Europe and Australia)
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    lincoln convertible tops
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  • 1966-67 Lincoln Continental
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    mercury convertible tops
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  • 1963 Mercury Monterey
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  • 1964 Mercury Monterey, Park Lane
  • 1965-66 Mercury Monterey
  • 1967-68 Mercury Monterey, Parklane
  • 1966-67 Comet, Cyclone, Caliente Top
  • 1968-71 Mercury Comet, Cyclone, Montego
  • 1969-72 Monterey, Marquis
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    mercury convertible tops
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  • 1993-94 Mercury Capri, Ford Capri
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    oldsmobile convertible tops
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  • 1962-63 Oldsmobile F85, Cutlass
  • 1964-65 Oldsmobile F85, Cutlass
  • 1966-67 Oldsmobile F85, Cutlass
  • 1968-72 Oldsmobile F85, Cutlass, 442
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    Plymouth Convertible Tops
    plymouth convertible tops
  • 1963-64 Plymouth Valiant, Signet
  • 1965-66 Plymouth Valiant
  • 1965-66 Plymouth Fury
  • 1966 Plymouth Belvedere, Satellite
  • 1967-68 Plymouth Fury
  • 1967-70 Plymouth Belvedere, GTX, Satellite, Roadrunner
  • 1967-69 Plymouth Barracuda
  • 1970-71 Plymouth Barracuda
  • 1969-70 Plymouth Fury
    Pontiac Convertible Tops
    pontiac convertible tops
  • 1955-57 Pontiac Bonneville, Starchief
  • 1958 Pontiac Bonneville, Chieftan
  • 1959-60 Pontiac Bonneville, Catalina
  • 1961-64 Pontiac Bonneville, Catalina
  • 1965-70 B'ville, Catalina, GP, Parisienne
  • 1971-76 Catalina, Grandville Brougham
  • 1962-63 Pontiac Top, LM, Tempest
  • 1964-65 Pontiac Top, LM, Tempest, GTO
  • 1966-67 Pontiac Top, LM, Tempest, GTO
  • 1968-72 LM, Tempest, GTO
    Firebird, TransAm & Sunbird
    pontiac convertible tops
  • 1967-70 Pontiac Firebird Top
  • 1987-88 Pontiac Firebird, TramsAm
  • 1988-91 Pontiac Firebird, TramsAm
  • 1990-93 Pontiac Firebird, TramsAm
  • 1994-02 Pontiac Firebird
  • 1983-87 Pontiac Sunbird, A.S.C.
  • 1988-92 Pontiac Sunbird, A.S.C.
  • 1992-93 Pontiac Sunbird, A.S.C.
  • 1993-94 Pontiac Sunbird, A.S.C.
  • 1995-98 Pontiac Sunfire
  • 1998-00 Pontiac Sunfire
    Alpha Romeo Tops
    alfa convertible tops
  • 1956-59 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
  • 1957-62 Alfa Romeo 2-Liter (2000)
  • 1962-63 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
  • 1963-66 Alfa Romeo 2600
  • 1964-66 Alfa Giulietta, 1600 Spider
  • 1966 Alfa Romeo Convertible Top
  • 1967-70 Alfa Duetto Spider, 1600-1750
  • 1971-94 Alfa 1750, 2000 Spider, etc.
  • 1971-94 Alfa Romeo 1750, Spider,etc.
  • 1971-94 2080
  • 1971-94 Alfa 1750, 2000 Spider Tonneau
  • 1995-03 Alfa Romeo GTV Spider
    Audi Convertible Tops
    audi convertible tops
  • 1992-98 Audi Cabriolet
  • 2003-09 Audi A4, S4 Cabriolet
  • 2000-06 Audi TT Roadster
  • 2010-17 Audi A5, S5 Cabriolet
  • 2008-17 Audi A3 Cabriolet
    Austin Healey Tops
    austin convertible tops
  • 1953-56 A.H. Roadster 100-4 BN-1, BN-2
  • 1954-56 A.H. 100-4 BN-1, BN-2
  • 1954-56 A.H. 100-4 BN-1, BN-2 Short
  • 1957-62 A.H. 100-6 BN-6, 3000 BN-7
  • 1957-58 A.H. 100-6 BN-4, Long Bridge
  • 1960-62 A.H. 3000 BT-7 4-Seat
  • 1962-63 A.H. 3000 BJ-7 4-Seat
  • 1963-68 A.H. 3000 BJ-8 4 Seat
  • 1958-60 A.H. Sprite
  • 1961-64 A.H. Sprite Mark II
  • 1965-66 A.H. Sprite Mark III
  • 1967-70 A.H. Sprite Mark IV
  • 1970-71 A.H. Sprite Mark IV
    BMW Convertible Tops
    bmw convertible tops
  • 1977-82 BMW, Baur 3-Series
  • 1983-91 BMW, Baur 3-Series
  • 1987-93 BMW E-30, 3-Series
  • 1991-93 BMW E-30, 3-Series
  • 1994-95 BMW E36, 3-Series
  • 1996-99 BMW E36, 3-Series
  • 2000-08 BMW E46, 3-Series
  • 1996-02 BMW Z3 Roadster
  • 1996-02 XT Series Economy Top
  • 2003-08 BMW Z4 Roadster
  • 2000-03 BMW Z8
    Ferrari Convertible Tops
    ferrari tops
  • 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS
  • 1966-67 Ferrari 275, 330
  • 1971- Ferrari 365 GTB/4 (Daytona)
  • 1984-94 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet
  • 1993-2009 Ferrari Spider
    Fiat Convertible Tops
    fiat convertible tops
  • 1959 Fiat 1100
  • 1960-63 Fiat 1200
  • 1964-66 Fiat 1500
  • 1967-73 Fiat 850
  • 1966-79 Fiat 124-CS1, 1600, 1800
  • 1966-79 Fiat 2000 Roadster
  • 1979-85 Fiat 124-CS2, 2000
  • 1979-85 Fiat Roadster, Pininfarina
  • 1966-69 Fiat 124-CS2,
  • 1966-69 Fiat 2000 Roadster, Pininfarina
  • 1970-79 Fiat 2000 Roadster
  • 1970-79 Fiat 124-CS1, 1600, 1800
  • 1979-85 Fiat 124-CS2 Roadster
  • 1979-85 2000, Pininfarina
  • 1968-75 Fiat Tops, Siata
  • 1995-05 Fiat Barchetta
    Jaguar Convertible Tops
    jaguar convertible tops
  • 1949-51 Jaguar XK120 Roadster
  • 1949-50 Jaguar XK120 Roadster Tonneau
  • 1952-57 Jaguar XK120, XK140 Roadster
  • 1951-54 Jaguar XK120 Long & Short
  • 1952-57 Jaguar XK120, XK140 Drophead
  • 1958-60 Jaguar XK150 Roadster
  • 1958-61 Jaguar XK150 Long & Short
  • 1958-60 Jaguar XK150 Drophead
  • 1961-71 Jaguar XKE Roadster & E-Type
  • 1972-74 Jaguar E-Type V12
  • 1988 Jaguar XJS Hess & Eisenhardt
  • 1989-96 Jaguar Tops, XJS
  • 1997-06 Jaguar XK8
    Karmann Ghia Tops
    karmann gia tops
  • 1958-66 Karmann Ghia
  • 1966-67 Karmann Ghia model CNV 141
  • 1967½-69 Karmann Ghia Model CNV 1411
  • 1969½-76 Karmann Ghia
    Lotus Convertible Tops
    lotus tops
  • 1961-66 Lotus Elan S1, S2 1600 Roadster
  • 1961-66 Lotus Elan S1, S2 1600 Tonneau
  • 1967-72 Lotus Elan S3, S4 Drophead
    Mercedes Convertible Tops
    Mercedes convertible tops
  • 1956-63 Mercedes 190SL
  • 1958-63 Mercedes 300SL Roadster
  • 1963-72 Mercedes 220SE, 250SE
  • 1963-72 Mercedes 280, 300SE
  • 1964-72 Mercedes 230SL, 250SL, 280SL
  • 1972-89 Mercedes, Model R107; 350, 380
  • 1972-89 Mercedes, Model R107; 280
  • 1972-89 Mercedes Tops, Model R107; 450
  • 1972-89 Mercedes Tops, Model R107; 500
  • 1972-89 Mercedes Tops, Model R107; 560SL
    MGB Convertible Tops
    mg convertible tops
  • 1946-49 MG TC
  • 1950-52 MG TD 1953 MG TD
  • 1954-55 MG TF and TF 1500
  • 1956-60 MGA Roadster
  • 1961-62 MGA MK II Roadster
  • 1961-64 Midget MK I
  • 1965-66 Midget, MK II
  • 1967-69 Midget MK III
  • 1970-80 Midget MK III
  • 1962-63 MGB Convertible Top
  • 1963-70 MGB Top, MGC
  • 1977-80 MGB Convertible Top
    Porsche Convertible Tops
    Porsche convertible tops
  • 1955-56 Porsche 356A Speedster
  • 1957-58 Porsche 356A Speedster
  • 1958-59 Porsche 356A Convertible-D Top
  • 1960-62 Porsche 356B Roadster, Low Bow
  • 1958-62 Porsche 356B Cabriolet
  • 1960-62 Porsche 356B Roadster
  • 1962-65 Porsche Late 356B, 356C Cabriolet
  • 1967-94 Porsche Targa
  • 1983-85 Porsche Top 911 Carrera, Cabriolet
  • 1983-94 Porsche Top 911 Carrera
  • 1986-94 Porsche 911 Carrera, Cabriolet
  • 1995-98 Porsche 911 (993) Cabriolet
  • 1999-01 Porsche 911 (996)
  • 2002-10 Porsche 911 (996/997), etc.
  • 1989-95 Porsche 944, 968
  • 1997-02 Porsche Boxster Top
  • 2003-04 Boxster Convertible Top
    SAAB Convertible Tops
    saab convertible tops
  • 1986-94 Saab 900 Convertible Tops, 900S
  • 1996-98 Saab Tops 900, C.T.S.
  • 1998-03 Saab 9-3, C.T.S
    Triumph Convertible Tops
    Triumph convertible tops
  • 1953-55 Triumph, TR2
  • 1955-57 Triumph TR2, TR3, Early TR3A
  • 1954-57 Triumph, TR2, TR3, TR3A
  • 1957-63 Triumph TR3A, TR3B
  • 1961-56 Triumph TR4
  • 1966-67 Triumph TR4A
  • 1967-68 Triumph TR250, TR5 (Europe)
  • 1967-68 Triumph TR250, TR5
  • 1969-76 Triumph TR-6
  • 1979-81 Triumph TR-7, TR-8
  • 1969-81 Triumph TR-7, TR-8 Tonneau
  • 1963-66 Triumph Spitfire 4 and Mark II
  • 1963-67 Triumph Tonneau
  • 1967-69 Triumph Spitfire Mark III
  • 1967-69 Triumph Spitfire Mark III Tonneau
  • 1969-70 Triumph Spitfire Mark III Tonneau
  • 1970-71 Triumph Spitfire Mark III
  • 1969-70 Triumph Spitfire Mark III Tonneau
  • 1971 Triumph Spitfire Mark III Tonneau
  • 1960-70 Triumph Herald, etc.
  • 1971-80 Triumph Spitfire Mark IV
  • 1971-77 Triumph Spitfire Mark IV Tonneau
  • 1978-80 Triumph Spitfire Mark IV Tonneau
  • 1971-77 Triumph Stag
    Volkswagen Convertible Tops
    Volkswagen convertible tops
  • 1954-57 Volkswagen Beetle Model 1200
  • 1958-62 Volkswagen Beetle Model 1200
  • 1963-67 Volkswagen Beetle Model 1200
  • 1968-72 VW Tops
  • 1973-79 VW Tops
  • 1973-79 Volkswagen Tops
  • 1980-93 Volkswagen Rabbit, Cabriolet
  • 1995-00 Volkswagen Cabrio, Golf III
  • 2001-02 VW Cabriolet Convertible Top
  • 2003- Volkswagen New Beetle Cabrio
    Volvo Convertible Tops
    volvo tops
  • 1999-06 Volvo C70
    Nissan Convertible Tops
    nissan convertible tops
  • 1992-94 Nissan 240SX
  • 2004-09 Nissan 350Z
  • 1964-65 Datsun Fairlady 1200, 1500
  • 1965½-67 Datsun 1600, 2000
  • 1968-69 Datsun 1600,
  • 2000 1968½-71 Datsun 1600, 2000
    Honda Convertible Tops
    honda convertible tops
  • 1963-64 Honda S500
  • 1964-66 Honda S600
  • 1966-67½ S800 Low Frame
  • 1964-66 Honda Convertible
  • 1967-70 Honda Late
  • 1967-70 S800 High Frame
  • 1991-95 Honda Beat
  • 2000-01 Honda S2000 Convertible Top
  • 2002- Honda S2000 Top
    Mazda Convertible Tops
    mazda convertible tops
  • 1990-97 Miata Replacement Top
  • 1990-05 Miata Top
  • 1990-05 MX5 Miata Premium Panorama
  • 1990-05 MX5 Miata Non-Heated Glass
  • 1990-05 MX5 Miata Heated/No Zipper
  • 1990-05 MX5 Miata Heated/Zipper
  • 1990-05 MX5 Miata Non-Heated
  • 2006- MX5 Miata Heated Glass
  • 1988 Mazda RX7 Convertible Top
  • 1989-92 Mazda RX7 Top
    Toyota Convertible Tops
    toyota convertible tops
  • 1984-85 Toyota Celica
  • 1987-89 Toyota Celica
  • 1991-93 Toyota Celica
  • 1995-99 Toyota Celica
  • 2000-03 Toyota Solara
  • 2004-09 Toyota Solara
  • 2000-07 Toyota MR2 Spyder